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World Analysis - Rubber

The health of the global rubber market depends greatly on the tire industry that consumes the majority of both synthetic and natural rubber production. While tire demand is projected to increase only modestly in developed nations, consumption in developing countries, as exemplified by China, will be benefitting from rising living standards and the resulting higher numbers of vehicle purchases. Apart from a booming original equipment manufacturing (OEM) market, sales of replacement tires – a still very small segment in most developing countries - will further support the anticipated fast expansion in the consumption requirements for synthetic and natural rubber over the longer term. In fact, producers are beginning to strategically position themselves in the replacement markets of the major emerging market economies.

Growth in the global synthetic and natural rubber markets slowed further in 2012 as the widespread economic weakness limited demand from major end use segments, such as the automotive industry and more specifically tire markets. Conditions should improve in 2013 and 2014, as the economic recovery regains traction and both household and business spending on durable goods, such as vehicles and parts, expands at faster rates. Demand for Polybutadiene Rubber (PBR) and solution styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) will also be driven by higher demand for green and higher performance tires. Green tires have lower rolling resistance, which is reducing vehicle fuel consumption. Tire labeling programs in Europe and South Korea that became mandatory for all passenger and light truck tires in November and December of 2012, and the adoption of similar programs in other countries are forecast to accelerate the shift toward more fuel-efficient tires, and thus greater PBR and solution SBR consumption.

IHS Chemical World Analysis - Rubber examines these markets within their historical context, while also offering a ten-year outlook for the Rubber markets around the globe. Strategic planners and managers receive accurate, unbiased data and analysis to help them anticipate the industry’s future trends and developments and to make optimal decisions under conditions of great uncertainty.

IHS Chemical World Analysis - Rubber examines historical trends and long term projections for supply/demand, production, capacity, and trade of the global Rubber industry over a 16-year period (five-year history, base year, ten-year forecast).

Included with the IHS Chemical World Analysis – Rubber is 12-month’s access to IHS Chemicals online capacity and supply/demand databases, with updates to the capacity database as they occur and one update to the supply/demand database. The study’s conclusions, with text and graphs, are provided online; as are the Excel files for the supply/demand flat file and the regional supply/demand graphs.

A partial list of products covered includes:
  • Butyl Rubber
  • Natural Rubber
  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Polybutadiene Rubber
  • SB Rubber (emulsion and solution)
  • Tires


Concepts covered:
  • World, regional and country-by-country analysis of market structure, strategic issues and emerging trends over an 16-year period (five-year history, base year, ten-year forecast)
  • Supply/demand balances for rubbers for each country, plus regional and global aggregates Production capacities of all rubbers producers, by company and location, for both historical and future years
  • Trade grids for rubbers

Purchase of IHS Chemical World Analysis - Rubber includes:

  • 12-Month Access to IHS Chemicals Capacity Database online, with updates as they occur through the year
  • 12-Month Access to IHS Chemicals Supply/Demand Database online, with one update
  • Access to IHS Chemical consultants who will provide explanations and basic support in order to understand the analysis
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