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World Analysis - MTBE

Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) is used principally as a blending agent in motor gasoline for its contained oxygen content and high octane value. Demand peaked in 2002, as countries like the United States, Japan, and Canada began phasing out MTBE in their domestic gasolines in favor of ethanol, due to government mandates. However, demand for MTBE continues to grow in China, Asia (except Japan and certain other countries), Mexico, the Middle East, and Central and Eastern Europe.

IHS Chemical World Analysis - MTBE examines these markets within their historical context, while also offering a ten-year outlook for the MTBE markets around the globe. Strategic planners and managers receive accurate, unbiased data and analysis to help them anticipate the industry’s future trends and developments and to make optimal decisions under conditions of great uncertainty..

IHS Chemical World Analysis - MTBE examines historical trends and long term projections for supply/demand, production, capacity, and trade of the global MTBE industry over a 16-year period (five-year history, base year, ten-year forecast).

Included with the IHS Chemical World Analysis - MTBE is 12-month’s access to IHS Chemicals online capacity and supply/demand databases, with updates to the capacity database as they occur and one update to the supply/demand database. The study’s conclusions, with text and graphs, are provided online; as are the Excel files for the supply/demand flat file and the regional supply/demand graphs.

A partial list of products covered includes:
  • ETBE
  • MTBE
  • High purity Isobutylene


Concepts covered:
  • World, regional and country-by-country analysis of market structure, strategic issues and emerging trends over an 16-year period (five-year history, base year, ten-year forecast)
  • Supply/demand balances for MTBE for each country, plus regional and global aggregates Production capacities of all MTBE producers, by company and location, for both historical and future years
  • Trade grids for MTBE

Purchase of IHS Chemical World Analysis - MTBE includes:

  • 12-Month Access to IHS Chemicals Capacity Database online, with updates as they occur through the year
  • 12-Month Access to IHS Chemicals Supply/Demand Database online, with one update
  • Access to IHS Chemical consultants who will provide a reasonable amount of consulting, explanation and basic support in order to understand the analysis
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