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IHS Raster Logs (US)

Enhance research and log interpretation capabilities

Are you able to access your raster log data into existing applications for more efficient and complete analysis?

With your corresponding US Well Data subscription, you will receive continuous access to nearly 3 million scanned, indexed and depth-registered logs for use in any US region, including unconventional plays. US Raster Logs are updated daily and indexed to IHS Well Data ensuring a correct match to related data. Available by transaction or annual subscription and accessible 24/7 via Lognet  and Direct Connect this service enables you to:

  • Accelerate research
  • Expand analysis
  • Reduce document management costs
  • Leverage single-source log access

What’s Included

Application Integration

Petra® and Kingdom  customers, who have a US Raster Log Data subscription, can use Direct Connect to pull logs directly into those applications to build project maps and cross-sections faster with seamless downloads and project updates. 

Search and Buy Use IHS Enerdeq® Browser  to determine which logs are available for your area of interest, then sent the results to LogNet  for rapid purchase or download 

Interpret with Depth-Registered Logs
Enjoy familiar paper log appearance with depth calibration across every pixel row; manipulate quickly and flexibly onscreen, and use in PC-based interpretations 

View and print logs with free IHS eLog software  even without interpretation software

Coverage Delivery

US Raster Log Data is delivered via: 

IHS Enerdeq® Browser


<span/>IHS Kingdom®
US Bulk Log Hard Drive Delivery for US Raster and Digital Logs makes searching, reviewing, accessing and utilizing large log datasets even easier by allowing a timely and efficient transfer of a customer’s entire US log subscription via hard drive delivery. This can amount to literally terabytes of data that can now be delivered at one time for rapid access and utilization.

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