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Upstream Oil & Gas Consulting

Navigate your strategic and operational challenges with custom analysis and tools

Converging market forces – including rising shale production, lower oil prices, new operational efficiencies, geopolitical developments and more – are dramatically reshaping the global oil and gas industry. As the pace of change accelerates, corporate and government leaders must make the right choices in order to identify exploration and production opportunities that promise optimal growth while also prioritizing investments, driving innovation, managing risks and reducing costs.

Our upstream oil and gas consulting team is ready to partner with you to meet these historic challenges by combining world-class information, analytics and expertise into decision-support solutions that are custom built to help you with:

  • Strategy
    Position your firm for sustainable growth despite uncertain markets. We develop assets and corporate strategy, provide opportunity identification and screening, portfolio optimization and performance benchmarking.
  • Transactions & Valuations
    Make informed decisions about major hydrocarbon investments as well as energy industry M&A opportunities based on independent, quantitative due diligence analysis that focuses especially on underlying value drivers.
  • Costs & Technology
    Maximize your competitiveness at the corporate or asset level by leveraging comprehensive assessment and analysis of costs, technologies and innovation strategies. We provide field development planning, cost estimation, audits, supply chain analysis, benchmarking and technology consulting.
  • Business Environment
    Understand evolving market factors and manage your hydrocarbon sector risks down to an individual asset level. We deliver analysis of market fundamentals and trends, market intelligence, forecasts, scenarios, market sizing and above-ground risk analysis and mitigation.
  • Regulatory
    Achieve worldwide energy regulatory compliance or attract international investment in the energy sector. We can help with country energy policy and master plans development, licensing support, fiscal benchmarking and drafting standards.
  • Subsurface
    Optimize reservoir performance by getting independent, expert support for core technical disciplines. We specialize in solutions for complex reservoirs – providing resource audits, engineering/simulations, geological studies and more.


Our energy consultants can provide the answers you need to guide your upstream business

When energy industry leaders face difficult challenges, they rely on IHS Markit consultants for answers. Click the questions below to see how we can help you.

Strong partnerships outlast industry trends

In volatile markets, businesses must innovate to survive… but it takes more to thrive. Stay ahead of the curve by working with the upstream oil and gas consulting team at IHS Markit. We can provide you with the energy data and analytics you need to optimize your workflows, anticipate market trends and make the right moves. The trusted relationships that we have established throughout the energy industry over the past six decades give us the perspective to help you shape your own future.

Our energy consulting experts are uniquely positioned to help you analyze trends and identify opportunities or risks (below/above ground) so you can develop winning strategies. We provide:

  • Proven Track Record – Over the past 5 years, we have advised nearly 100 organizations worldwide including IOCs, NOCs, energy service companies, financial institutions and governments
  • Deep Energy Expertise – Benefit from the experience of our 100+ consultants worldwide including geoscientists, engineers, economists, lawyers, information specialists and other experts
  • Industry-Leading Data – Gain access to our comprehensive, proprietary databases for E&P operations worldwide, significant energy assets on the market, private oil companies and much more
  • Independent Insights – Get objective analysis that is driven by timely, accurate information (rather than process driven) and crafted to meet the needs of your organization
  • Advanced Tools – Maximize the value of data with premier analytic systems for asset valuation, reservoir engineering, proprietary operating and capital cost indexes, and other key functions
  • Broad Perspective – See how your business is impacted by other market factors. We offer related cross-disciplinary content and expertise in macro-economics, technology, defense and other sectors

Join the industry leaders who partner with the IHS Markit upstream oil and gas consulting team to achieve their business goals at all points along the energy industry value chain. See how we can help you.

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