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MRO Standard Dictionary and Methodology

Drive consistency and improve execution in your MRO supply chain

Need specialized naming conventions? Want to eliminate duplication?

This standard modifier dictionary was created exclusively for describing maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) items, and has cleansed 50 million + MRO item descriptions for over 400 companies in the Fortune 1000. The dictionary enables you to:

  • Eliminate duplicate and redundant inventory
  • Identify lower cost, functionally equivalent, non-OEM alternates
  • Avoid false stock-outs
  • Simplify inventory searches
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Maintain optimized MRO materials master catalog
See also Asset Performance Solution for more related capabilities.

What’s Included

MRO Standard Dictionary and Methodology Depth

MRO catalogs require a specialized nomenclature to ensure that naming protocols are consistent enterprise wide.Our specialized MRO dictionary has processed and standardized millions of records spanning multiple asset-intensive industries. It contains 2,500 noun-modifier pairs, 2,600 synonyms, 10,000 characteristics, 17,000 definitions and guidelines, 46,000 sample values and 1,000+ sample reference images.

In addition to the taxonomy, the dictionary provides:

  • Classification definitions and guidelines
  • Synonymous terms
  • Sample values
  • Sample item images
ERP/EAM Compatibility

Includes, but is not limited to:

  • SAP® Materials Management (MM) module
  • SAP Service and Asset Management
  • IBM Maximo®
  • Mincom®
  • Ventyx Asset Suite (Indus Passport™)
  • Oracle (PeopleSoft®/JDE)

Benefit from a two-tiered classification schema (with an optional third-tier "upper classification" level) that provides a consistent and repeatable set of rules to characterize and catalog inventory. Our dictionary consists of a family of mutually-exclusive nouns (proper names such as "valve") and modifiers (descriptive words or phrases such as "gate"), as well as associated characteristics that describe general part attributes (such as "size," "pressure rating" and "connection") and values for specific characteristics (such as "6-inch").


Classification Definitions and Guidelines
Instructions for the proper selection of nouns and modifiers

Synonymous terms to ensure successful search and prevention of duplicate items

Characteristic Definitions and Values
Instructions for the proper selection of characteristics and acceptable values

Item (Product) Images
Aids in the proper selection of nouns.

Search Capabilities
Parametric searches, facilitating quick and accurate item identification

Industry Templates
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Food and Beverage
  • Natural Resources
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electrical Transmission and Distribution
  • Public Works

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Optimize your MRO supply chain and improve asset availability

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