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Specialty Chemicals Update Program

Overview of the Specialty Chemicals Industry

Table of Contents

Section Page Number

Specialty chemical markets by region7
Specialty chemicals segments by growth rate10
Definition of specialty chemicals15
Segments of the specialty chemicals industry15
Purpose and scope of this report16
Overlaps in specialty chemical market segments17
Research methodology19
Macroeconomic developments21
Crude oil23
Exchange rates24
Trends in selected end-use industries25
Chemical production28
Fibers and textiles34
Household and personal care products38
Overview of the specialty chemicals industry44
Industry structure44
Major players46
Largest end-use markets48
Trends and success factors50
Regional status and outlook for specialty chemicals53
North America53
Status and outlook53
General status of the economy57
Automotive production58
US manufacturing and construction58
US raw material prices59
Chemical trade deficit60
Mergers and acquisitions61
Central and South America64
Status and outlook64
Mergers and acquisitions69
Western Europe70
Status and outlook70
Mergers and acquisitions75
Government regulations79
RoHS/WEEE directives80
EU emissions trading system81
Biocidal product regulation82
Trends and opportunities82
Central and Eastern Europe83
Status and outlook83
Trends and opportunities88
Middle East and Africa89
Status and outlook89
Trends and opportunities93
Status and outlook94
Mergers and acquisitions98
Trends and opportunities99
Status and outlook100
General status of the economy105
Automotive production107
Mergers and acquisitions108
Other Asia110
Status and outlook110
Mergers and acquisitions115
Trends and opportunities115
Overview of specialty chemicals segments116
Market-directed specialty chemicals116
Construction chemicals116
Cosmetic chemicals118
Electronic chemicals120
Semiconductors and IC process chemicals122
Printed circuit board chemicals and semiconductor packaging materials124
Feed additives125
Food additives127
Imaging chemicals and materials129
Toner raw materials131
Thermal printing chemicals133
Industrial and institutional cleaners135
Lubricating oil additives137
Mining chemicals139
Nutraceutical ingredients141
Oil field chemicals143
Plastics additives146
Printing inks148
Rubber-processing chemicals150
Specialty paper chemicals152
Synthetic lubricants155
Textile chemicals157
Water management chemicals160
Functional specialty chemicals161
Adhesives and sealants161
Petroleum refining and chemical process catalysts171
Emission control catalysts177
Corrosion inhibitors180
Flame retardants182
Flavors and fragrances184
Specialty coatings187
High-performance anticorrosion coatings189
Thermosetting powder coatings191
Radiation curable coatings194
Specialty polymers197
Engineering thermoplastics199
Specialty films201
High-performance thermoplastics203
Specialty surfactants206
Water-soluble polymers207
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