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Sea-web: the ultimate marine online database

Maximize your seafaring operations with the industry’s largest maritime database.

Sea-web is the ultimate maritime reference tool, with more than 600 data fields on over 200,000 ships of 100 GT and above. IHS Maritime & Trade, which evolved from the publication Fairplay and its joint venture with Lloyd’s Register, enhances Sea-web by leveraging its position as the sole global issuing body of the IMO ship, company and registered owner numbering system. The industry’s largest maritime database, Sea-web features multiple, separate modules that integrate detailed information on ships, companies, builders, ports, movements, fixtures, casualties, performance, security and more into one online platform. It features seven levels of ownership and more than 290,000 owners, 240,000 companies, 15,500 ports and 116,000 ship photographs.

You can learn more about Sea-web in the following languages: Chinese and Korean.

Marine equipment and insurance companies, ship owners, brokers, builders and managers, and port services and security, as well as oil majors use Sea-web to:

  • Minimize risk exposure in a tough global economic climate
  • Analyze trends, satisfy existing customers and identify new opportunities
  • Optimize operations, manage staff time efficiently and identify cost savings

Watch this brief demo to see Sea-web and AISLive in action


Sea-web features the following functionalities. To see additional features unique to each module, please visit the specific module product page in the list below.

  • Data Exports: Export up to 2,500 records with 12 fields of data as a text file to conduct statistical analysis, prepare customized reports and create marketing collateral
  • Search and Display: Conduct simple look-ups or prepare more complex searches; select data fields you wish to appear in the results grid; and choose number of records to display to a page; see recently viewed searches so you don’t have to reconstruct the same search
  • Grid View: Display results in a grid with options to sort, group and export the data; use row counts and totals for fields; access photos for instant recognition; easily navigate between modules; link to your Watchlist of selected ships
  • User Notes: Click the “My notes” box within company records in the Ships, Company, Builder and Port databases to add, edit and share personal notes with all account users
  • Translations: Find Sea-web fields and menus in 12 additional languages: Turkish, Italian, Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Korean
  • Direct link to Equasis: Get safety-related information on the world's merchant fleet from both public and private sources
  • Integrate with AISLive: Access real-time movement information for your selected ships

Enhance your Sea-web subscription by adding additional modules

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Port Disbursements
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Port Disbursements
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Products and Solutions

Sea-web Watchlist

Customized or pre-defined watchlists of ships or companies you want to closely monitor

Create a customized watchlist of ships or companies to monitor and set up email alerts to receive notification when key data fields – such as ship movements or company details – change. The system compiles any new alerts into an email, which it sends to you by 06.00 (GMT) each day. You can also ...

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Sea-web Credit and Enhanced Credit Reports

Current credit analysis summaries and detailed company credit reports

Sea-web Credit module offers 2,700 up-to-date summary company credit reports for 4,500 shipowning, operating and management companies. Provided by Ocean Intelligence Pte Ltd., each report contains a reputation and payment performance summary, credit and payment performance ratings, and a report ...

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IHS Maritime & Trade Fleet Capacity Forecast

Get strategic investment and competitive intelligence beyond the order book.

The IHS Maritime & Trade Fleet Capacity Forecast is an online tool that lets you envision the 10-year supply and demand outlook for up to 110 combinations of ship types and sizes. Whether you build, buy, sell, charter, insure, service or harbor ships, or trade in shipped commodities, the dec...

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