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Power and Renewables Suite

Access strategic insight into the world’s power and renewable energy markets

Power markets across the globe are seeing significant change. Renewable energy is becoming more mainstream: prices are falling, and technology is improving. Emerging markets in Latin America, Middle East and Africa show increased investment and development opportunity. North America faces challenges from a natural gas revolution, while Europe strives to meet 2020 targets. Proposed government policies and infrastructure requirements continue to impact regional markets. These changes are creating new investment opportunities and forcing companies to adapt their business models. Now more than ever, it is important to make timely and reliable decisions based on a sound understanding of the complete energy landscape.

IHS offers an unmatched combination of information, analytics and expertise to help energy executives address these challenges. Our outlooks integrate leading renewable energy forecasts, cross-fuel drivers in gas, coal and renewables, and impacts on chemical, automotive, aerospace and other end-user industries, culminating in a holistic view of the energy space.

Power & Renewable Suite members rely on us to:

  • Support strategic decisions, generation planning and procurement processes
  • Gain a long-term view of regional and global power/renewable energy trends
  • Anticipate power/renewable energy market shifts
  • Optimize capital investment decisions
  • Benchmark assessments of regional power/renewable energy demand
  • Monitor regulatory and policy developments

How IHS Helps You Optimize Decisions Across the Power & Renewables Value Chain

Integrated Resource PlanningUnderstand the changing fuel mix for procurement/investment purposes
Technology/Cost TrendsAssess the impact of emerging technologies and differential costs on power demand, supply and generation options
Fuel Cost/ProcurementUnderstand the impact of cross-fuel competition on power and renewables markets
Industry LandscapeKeep pace with the competition, best business models, hot markets and new technologies
Regulatory/Policy MonitoringPrepare for the business impact of federal, state or provincial policy/regulatory choices
Project Development/Market OpportunityEvaluate key player strategies, supply chain opportunities and project finance models
Competitive StrategyAssess key players, best business models and market share

Power and Renewables Suite Solutions

A major power company was considering stepping up its investments in renewables to develop a more balanced supply mix.

IHS Power & Renewables Suite provided the company with an understanding of competitive technologies, cost trends, likely short- and long-term developments, and the impact of governmental regulations.

The company is now well positioned to make current and future strategic investment decisions, anticipate market shifts and monitor future regulatory changes.

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