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Managing Access to Your Internal Engineering Documents

Simplify Engineering & Supplier Workflows for Better Quality Assurance

How confident are you that your internal users and external vendors /contractors are consistently using the most current and correct company process spec or test procedure? What if you could provide and measure usage by user, team, project, vendor or contractor?

Our solution provides:

  • Controlled, segmented distribution of your engineering documentation for global collaboration between internal teams and suppliers/contractors
  • Mechanism to improve supplier compliance, reducing risk and rework
  • Better visibility into existing international standards, diminishing internal standards development costs
  • Automatic alerts of critical changes or pending Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) to improve quality and provide opportunities for greater innovation

IHS Solutions for Engineering Excellence

Overview of IHS Engineering Solutions

Every day, engineers and other technical professionals rely on a wide range of knowledge to improve operational performance, reduce risk, and drive innovation.

Companies have spent millions on information management systems to capture information needed by engineers, scientists and researchers. Yet technical professionals are still drowning in a sea of internal and external content, little of it organized in a way that helps them drive productivity or innovation. Worse, some of the best information in those systems is never found by the engineers that need it most.

IHS helps organizations accelerate productivity, improve problem solving and innovate ahead of competition by giving engineers and other technical professionals access to relevant knowledge – inside and outside the organization – and advanced research and problem-solving tools.

See tabs at left to learn more about IHS Engineering Solutions for Standards Management, Engineering & Technical Reference, Analytical & Problem-solving Tools, and accessing Internal Knowledge.

Standards Management

Effectively manage internal and industry standards across the enterprise

Today’s complex engineering environments demand a new level of engineering excellence that hinges on having ready access to trusted engineering knowledge, standards and specifications. Industry studies suggest that more than 40% of an engineer’s time is spent just gathering information, instead of applying that knowledge to value-added activities.

IHS standards management solutions uniquely help companies:

  • improve access to and utilization of internal and industry standards
  • streamline knowledge transfer within the organization and with suppliers
  • turn wasted time searching into value-added activity
  • reduce operational expense
  • minimize risks and ensure compliance

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Engineering & Technical Reference

IHS Knowledge Collection draws knowledge from a growing list of reference sources you already trust, including industry-leading technical publishers. It extends your engineers’ knowledge by searching across other authoritative sources — including patents and patent applications, technical papers, conference proceedings, books, manuals, monographs, journal articles, deep web content and more. The Knowledge Collections library includes:

  • Applied Engineering Reference Books and Manuals – 10,000+ engineering and technical titles, including manuals, handbooks, dictionaries and more, covering all engineering disciplines from leading publishers McGraw-Hill, Springer, John Wiley & Sons, Industrial Press, Maney, Oxford University Press and others
  • Patents – 43 million+ patents and patent applications from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France and Japan
  • Engineering Know-how – 57 million+ technical articles, publications, reports, design principles and best practices and more, including millions of documents not accessible through internet search engines
Advanced Research, Problem Solving & Analytics

Deliver better products and projects, faster

IHS Goldfire integrates state-of-the-art knowledge retrieval, ideation and problem solving technologies with broad access to rich technical content – inside and outside the organization -  enabling engineers and other technical personnel to arrive at better decisions, faster.

Companies across the globe and in nearly every industry use IHS Goldfire to:

  • Accelerate engineering productivity
  • Identify new markets and envision next-generation solutions
  • Gain insight into the competitive landscape and technology and market trends
  • Accelerate problem solving and idea generation
  • Improve operational efficiencies

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Secure, Behind-the-Firewall Solutions

The Intranet solution for managing your IHS content

Residing behind your firewall, IHS IntraSource delivers millions of technical standards documents and your internal documents—all in a safe and secure environment. With user-defined search and interface tools to accommodate internal control, IHS IntraSource assures standards management, enables a multi-lingual user base and provides insightful usage reporting. IntraSource allows you to:

  • Protect proprietary information while collaborating with disparate teams
  • Integrate authoritative external and internal content
  • Manage and track usage across departments and individual users
  • Access secure, critical reference materials and information

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Internal Standards Management

Achieve success through single-source standards management

IHS Internal Standards Management provides robust options for storing, controlling, revising and tracking your internal and IHS documentation. Built with the specifications and requirements you provide, the Internal Standards Management solution supports fully integrated internal and external standards and documents for better interconnectivity, more relevant results, and better collaboration among you and your third-party suppliers.

Internal Standards Management can supply you with:

  • A secure, single-source repository with unified search capabilities across internal corporate standards, compliance requirements, internal policies and procedures, annotated documents, external industry standards, specifications, test methods, and more, for all groups in the workflow process.
  • One click cross-references between internal and industry standards.
  • Flexible and secure hosting for the management of internal and external standards.
  • Rapid access to current documentation with real-time updates.

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