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International Code Council (ICC)

Ensure residential, government and commercial structures meet safety and fire prevention requirements

The International Code Council (ICC) publishes building codes that promote safety and fire prevention in commercial, government and residential structures. These codes are used throughout the US, including enforcement by several federal agencies. ICC standards help you:

  • Design and construct safe structures
  • Comply with fire prevention measures
  • Minimize loss and risk

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Oct 27

Scammed By Sugar Study

Quitting sugar is hard. Our brains are wired to see sugar as a reward, which makes us want more and more. Simple sugars, such as those found in soda and candy, cause sugar levels to spike because they are not combined with fiber and protein to slow down absorption like the sugar found in fruits and

Oct 26

Dark Matter and Ejected Planets

Surely dark matter includes a substantial number of rogue planets ejected by all of those "HOT JUIPITER" plants being found. Because stars are the factories for all other elements, and because that stuf is spewed out when they go super nova, that is where the stuff comes from to make the planets we

Oct 26

Vocabulary Pop Quiz - Memory Leak

Some of you will know this, but I had to stop the person who first used this with me because I was afraid he was talking about my forgetfulness......then I found out what he was talking about. The technical term "Memory Leak" - What is it? Fortunately, or unfortunately, I don't have a picture of i

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