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Life Sciences Consulting

Advance your company’s footprint

Looking to price a new drug? Enter an emerging market?

We provide customized healthcare market analysis, reimbursement consulting and regulation solutions, pricing models, market entry strategies and single or multi-client studies to help you:

  • Size and seize market opportunities
  • Drive operational efficiencies and ROI
  • Optimize product and sales strategies
  • Evaluate the economic impact of business or policy decisions
  • Respond quickly to alternative outcomes and shocks

Advisory Services

Market Research
Demonstrate the potential of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products, medical devices and care delivery patterns on patient health outcomes, medical costs, productivity and quality of life

Reimbursement Consulting
Identify and quantify key cost drivers to develop efficient, evidence-based estimates for reimbursement and prospective payment

Healthcare Pricing Models
Develop the optimal new drug price and market entry strategy

Market Entry Analysis
Receive continuous analysis, data and online tools covering technology, reimbursement, regulations, geographic/therapeutic segment scenarios

Single-Client Reports
Partner with us for customized research on business improvement and opportunity maximization strategies

Multi-Client Reports
Access customized research at less cost by participating in multi-client, syndicated market research that employs qualitative and quantitative surveys, market access scenarios and market analysis

Recent Projects

Integrating HTA Requirements into Oncology R&D Process

A pharmaceutical company needed recommendations for incorporating more HTA considerations into R&D decision-making.

We researched recent HTA decisions in Australia, US, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain in the client’s four therapeutic areas. Our detailed case studies identified the choice of trial design, trial comparator, patient group selection, primary and secondary outcome measures, strength of correlation between surrogate and final outcomes, traits of PRO evidence and studies, and a definition of clinical relevance.

We helped the client build user-friendly HTA "checklists". The client uses these checklists to ensure its R&D personnel factor HTA considerations into future planning.

Industry Success Stories


Blog Feed

Jun 22

Ukraine: Chaos continuing within country’s healthcare system?

Ukraine has been going through some tumultuous times recently both politically and economically, so it will not come as a surprise that the country’s healthcare system has also fallen on hard times. The conflict, devaluation of the currency, and economic stagnation have made their mark on the provision of healthcare in the country. Cha..more

Jun 17

Sweden publishes more details on modifications of its VBP system. ...

Having been operating under a value-based pricing (VBP) system for pharmaceuticals since 2002, Sweden has for some time now been stewing over reforms to its pricing model. The initiative comes as part of wider pharmaceutical policy reform in the country, partly driven by cost-containment measures outlined in the 2014 budget propo..more

Twitter Feed

Jun 30

Sovaldi casts a shadow on US pricing and reimbursement environment – it could have been worse http://t.co/kyvLUHGnr5

Jun 26

As Gilead’s HCV patents come under threat across the world should Pharma be worried? http://t.co/d5NWjR5Xhg

Jun 17

Sweden publishes more details on modifications of its VBP system. “Years of ambiguity” coming to an end? http://t.co/pccAeHo7zN


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