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US Granted PatentsUnited States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) documents from 1971 to present
US Patent ApplicationsUnited States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) documents from 2001 to present
European Granted PatentsEuropean Patent Office (EPO) documents from 1981 to present
European Patent ApplicationsEuropean Patent Office (EPO) documents from 1988 to present
WIPO PCT PublicationsA collection of granted patents from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) documents from 1978 to present
Japanese Patent AbstractsJapanese Patent Office (JPO) documents from 1976 to present
Japanese Patent ApplicationsJapanese Patent Office (JPO) documents from 1993 to present
Japanese Granted PatentsJapanese Patent Office (JPO) documents from 1994 to present
Great Britain Granted PatentsIntellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom (IPO) document from1970 to present
Great Britain Patent ApplicationsIntellectual Property Office off the United Kingdom (IPO) documents from 1979 to present
French Granted PatentsFrench Patent Office (FPO) documents from 1985 to present
French Patent ApplicationsFrench Patent Office (FPO) documents from 1976 to present
German Granted PatentsGerman Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) documents from 1980 to present
German Patent ApplicationsGerman Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) from 1980 to present
German Gebrauchsmusters (Utility Model)Granted intellectual rights protection documents from the Germany Gebrauchsmusters (GebrM), also known as German Utility Model or Austrian Utility Model, from 1980 to present

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Mar 23

Do-it-Yourself Camera Detects Land Mines

The DOLPi is an affordable Raspberry Pi-based polarization camera that can be used to see polarized light. Users gain the ability to detect unseen objects like pollutants and hidden explosive devices such as mines. ------- Editor's Note: This news brief was brought to you by the Light & Lase

Mar 22

Innovation, Part I: What Does It Really Look Like?

Perhaps I wasn’t paying proper attention before, but it seems that more and more we’re becoming obsessed with the idea of innovation. To be an innovator is to secure one’s position at a company. In fact, companies are increasingly creating “formal innovation roles” with

Mar 22

Combustion Fan Booster

This could be either for mechanical or electrical engineering but is probably a little basic for either. I have a small diesel combustion device intended to heat water for providing comfort heating and domestic hot water in a vehicle. This has a combustion fan and is designed to operate from sea le


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