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Global Risk Service

Access investment risk ratings tailored to your industry and business model

How do you quantify investment and project risk?

This service provides transparent risk scores across 151 countries for 54 risk factors and 12 investment types. The risk factors, all of which are assigned a probability, include direct risks to cashflow, such as an increase in the capital gains tax, as well as broader risk events, such as a military coup. With the ability to customize risk ratings based on your industry, business model, and investment, and compare uniform scores across countries, this service enables you to:

  • Identify risk factors that affect each phase of your investment
  • Estimate the loss in project value and adjust it based on probability
  • Calculate the net present value of projects adjusted for risk
  • Rank and compare existing and potential investments worldwide

What’s Included

Risk Ratings

Consistent risk scores, updated quarterly, on the following for 151 countries:

  • Overall Country Risk
  • Business Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Political Risk
  • Risk Factor (33 immediate, 21 secondary)
  • Investment Type (12)

Quarterly global risk review, by region, includes the following:

  • Outlook
  • Risk Rating Changes

Solve your business challenge.

I need to use real risk ratings—not generic scores—in my business model.Get probability-based risk scores for 54 sources of risk in 151 countries and 12 investment categories.
I need to factor risk mitigation into my company’s planning process.Quantify risk levels for each production phase (investment/maintenance, input, production, sales, revenue/repatriation).

Investment Coverage

  • Dollar-Denominated Bank Loans to Sovereign Borrowers
  • Dollar-Denominated Bank Loans to Domestic Banks
  • Domestic Equities (excluding American Depository Receipts)
  • Manufacturing for Domestic Market
  • Manufacturing for Export (or export-oriented DFI)
  • Upstream Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Exporter/Distributor
  • Franchiser/Local Retailer
  • Shipping Service
  • Foreign Office

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