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World Industry Service

Know which industries will thrive

Do you operate or invest in multiple industries around the world? Need clear, reliable market assessments locally and globally?

This service standardizes data from numerous resources so you can quickly compare the performance of 95 industries across 75 countries based on activity, sales, profits, costs and risk. Use our online platform IHS Connect to access 20-year forecasts, historical data back to 1980, and industry and country reports. Sector risk ratings for industries available for an additional fee. Combined, these resources allow you to:

  • Compare, rank and size markets
  • Identify and manage risk
  • Optimize portfolio investments
  • Quantify sector impact of financial and economic change
  • Benchmark company or fundamental performance against industry data
  • Identify demand drivers and growth opportunities

What’s Included

Data & Forecasts

Historical data from 1980 and quarterly updated, 20-year forecasts, covering:

  • Total sales, value added, operating profits
  • Input and supply purchases
  • Apparent consumption
  • Fixed capital investment spending
  • Capital equipment depreciation
  • Gross output price deflator
  • Final demand composition
  • Exports and imports

Country Summaries
Individual macroeconomic synopses for 75 countries

Comparative Industry Analysis
A single industry across multiple countries, or multiple industries within one country

Special Reports
Updates on major industry and policy developments affecting business opportunities and risks

Industry Reports
In-depth quarterly reports, including:

  • Industry scorecard and rankings by size, growth, profitability
  • Recent events and forecast summary
  • Demand: production and end markets
  • Spending: input prices, costs and capital expenditures
  • Financial performance
  • Key players and structure
Workflow Tools

Use IHS Connect, our online delivery platform, for fast, easy access to analysis, data and forecasts. Our intuitive interface and workflow tools allow you to:

  • Access analysis and data in a single search
  • Leverage interactive presentation-ready graphs
  • Customize and format data and charts
  • Save search criteria for routine data retrieval tasks
  • Refresh saved content automatically
  • Export content to Excel, PDF, PPT
Member Privileges

Analyst Access
On-demand access to more than 150 full-time economists

Global Conferences
Invitations, offering expert interaction and peer networking opportunities

Sector Risk Ratings (additional fee)

Sector Risk Ratings allow loan officers, credit analysts, and portfolio managers to stress test portfolios or measure risks arising from the sector composition of corporate loans and bond portfolios.

  • Composite risk scores for 95 industries in 75 countries
  • Historical data to 1980 and 20-year forecasts
  • Summaries, comparative industry view, risk factor discussion and industry debt profile
  • Quarterly updates
  • Measure and anticipate the migration of credit quality by sector and geography
  • Understand key drivers to forecast changes in bankruptcies, defaults and loan loss requirements
  • Benchmark company risk profile against peers
  • Stress test portfolios and assess risk-return tradeoff
  • 20 year history with proven US and European clients
  • Top-down income and cash flow perspective
  • Bottom-up income statement analysis
  • Uniform categories to compare across time, countries, sectors
  • 40 risk factors that measure credit changes
  • Based on our service sector benchmarks, financial indicators and forecasts

Solve Your Business Challenge

I need to size and predict markets; set sales and revenue goals; and identify short-term risk.Access consistent data and forecasts across 95 industries in 75 countries; and spot risk with high frequency indicators.
I need to benchmark sales in my markets and compare how industries perform within my value chain.Use our scorecards, country summaries and industry rankings to quickly compare sector performance within and across countries over time.
When faced with a timely decision, I can’t find objective intelligence or expertise.Email our team of economists directly for answers to your questions.
I need to know which industries in my value chain face greatest risk.Rely on our sector risk ratings to measure capital, credit and structural impediments to growth.

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