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ESDU Validated Methods

Boost innovation while minimizing design difficulties

Seeking validated third-party data? Need to increase visibility into design data flows?

ESDU provides validated methods, calculations, reports and diagrams and design guides for the aerospace and engineering sector. Sourced from industry, government and academic subject matter authorities, our 1300 design tools enable detailed search and document management. ESDU software enables you to:

  • Explore design alternatives, theories and references
  • Utilize prediction methods calibrated against qualified data
  • Define processes and principles
  • Interpret results in a practical engineering context


Aerospace & Defense
  • Aerodynamic design, flow systems and components
  • Aircraft stability, stress analysis and performance
  • Metallic materials, properties development and standardization

The ESDU Automotive Collection leverages the proven ESDU design methods, data and tools widely used in aircraft and aerospace design to translate fuel efficiency improvements in automobiles from composites, aluminum, titanium and other alloys. ESDU Automotive Design Methods include documents and crucial databases from:

  • Composites
  • Vibration and Acoustic Fatigue
  • Fatigue - Endurance Data
  • Fatigue - Fracture Mechanics
  • Stress and Strength
  • Structures
  • MMDH – Metallic Materials Data Handbook
  • MMDH – Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization Handbook

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