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IHS Economics

Plan accurately for long-term growth.

IHS Economics provides comprehensive and consistent data, analysis, and forecasts for more than 200 countries. Leverage award-winning forecasts, over 150 full-time economists, regular updates, and the most long-term view. Workflow platforms and tools like IHS Connect, the IHS Economic Simulation Engine, and EViews help you navigate and visualize content, create alternative scenarios, and perform statistical analysis. Specialized coverage of the US, China, Canada, and Mexico. Subscribe today to:

  • Identify emerging growth opportunities
  • Define and size granular markets
  • Optimize resource allocation globally
  • Stress test your assumptions

Products & Solutions

Global Strategy Solution Suite

Unlock global markets, manage uncertainty and drive advantage

To deliver sustainable growth, companies must operate in industries and markets with attractive rates of return and attain a competitive advantage. IHS Economics & Country Risk helps companies meet this challenge by bringing together consistent global coverage of interdependent markets, future...

Country-and-Industry-Intelligence-Suite (PDF, 719 KB)

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Global Link Model

Quantify the impact of global economic change on your company’s performance – in under five minutes

The IHS Global Link Model is the most comprehensive global macroeconomic model commercially available. Designed for forecasting and scenario planning, it links 68 individual country models with each other and with key global drivers of performance. The model accounts for 95% of global GDP, coverin...

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Advanced Country Analysis & Forecasting

Support your business plans with unparalleled risk analysis and the economic forecast for over 200 countries.

Advanced Country Analysis and Forecast (AdCAF) provides daily analysis of world events, detailed country reports, proprietary country and sovereign risk ratings, and comprehensive economic forecasts and historical data to help your business assess its investments and future growth.

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EViews Econometric Modeling Software

Perform econometric modeling with agility and speed

Do you need to create budget forecasts? Build models and simulations?

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China Regional Service

Enhance strategy and operations
Looking to expand operations in China? Meet the country’s growing consumer demand?

This service details China's economic outlook at the national, regional and city levels to provide a deep understanding of regional disparities and evolutionary paths. Get a complete, consistent view of your...

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Mexican Economic Service

Position for growth

Do you need an extended outlook of Mexico’s economy to determine investments? Identify business opportunities?

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Canadian Economic Service

Make business and investment decisions with confidence

Need comprehensive, consistent insight into your business drivers?

Canadian Economic Services (PDF, 173 KB)

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Business Market Insights

Predict where your business will thrive in the United States

Could you better size and target markets? More effectively allocate resources?

Business Markets Insights (PDF, 1 MB)

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US Regional Service

Maximize resource allocation and investments in US regions, states and metros

Do you need to identify business opportunities? Evaluate an economic development project?

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US Economic Service

Access the most detailed, commercially available view of the US economy.

This service provides immediate-to-long-term analysis of the US economy – organized in a way to help government agencies, corporations and financial institutions make smart investment and management decisions. Subscribers receive 10-year and 30-year economic outlooks, including alternate scenarios...

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US Consumer Markets Service

Build smarter strategic plans

Do you need an unbiased view of US consumer demand over the next decade? Looking to expand into new markets?


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Global Consumer Markets Service

Enter new markets and launch products with confidence

Do you know how product demand will differ from country to country?


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Executive Strategy Council

Stay ahead of risks

Need to assess the impact of an international, economic or political event? Prepare an emergency response?

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World Economic Service

Evaluate business opportunity and risk with the long-term global economic forecast.

Successful business decisions in today's dynamic, interdependent world require a thorough understanding of the macroeconomic context and outlook. The World Economic Service equips decision makers to meet this challenge with economic data and 30-year forecasts for up to 500 indicators across more t...

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Economic Impact Analysis of Regulatory, Policy and Investment Changes

Gain independent research support for your initiatives
Do you need to demonstrate a positive jobs and economic impact?

We help private and public organizations quantify the job and revenue-creating effects of their policies, projects and operations so they can:


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Predicting Business Dynamics

Maximize sales and return on investments
Want to expand your company’s footprint?

Our consultants build upon the foundation of the Economics & Country Risk products to address your specific market and strategic planning needs: sizing markets, identifying & prioritizing new markets, predicting product performance, stress t...

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Historical Time Series: Global Economic and Financial Data

Monitor and analyze changes in the global economy

Need to track and report on global macroeconomic trends?

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US Economic Data and Press Releases

Track US macroeconomic data and news in real time

Access immediate US economic data and press releases for 70+ key indicators. Sourced from more than 100 private and public reports, surveys and indices, these vast data resources allow you to:

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Global Economic Data

Unlock opportunities across 200+ countries

Do you need global economic data to invest confidently?

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US Economics Solution Suite

Unlock US markets, manage uncertainty and drive advantage

To deliver sustainable growth, companies need to operate in industries and markets with attractive rates of return and attain a position of competitive advantage. IHS Economics & Country Risk brings together consistent coverage of US industry and market performance, future risks, business dyna...

US Economics Suite (PDF, 680 KB)

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