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Industry & Specialty Standards Collections

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Industry & Specialty Standards Collections span multiple standards developing organizations and provide just the documents needed for a specific industry, subject or discipline. This specialty standards collections enables you to:

  • Reduce research time
  • Control standards budget
  • Enhance specialized industry knowledge

Industry & Specialty Standards Collections

Collection material comes from

AEC StandardsPetroChemical Standards
Construction Information Service (CIS)Safety Standards
Electronics and Telecommunications StandardsTelecommunications Standards
Electronics StandardsUK Network Rail Standards
Environmental StandardsUtilities Standards
ISO/IEC Telecommunications StandardsVideo Standards
Medical Devices StandardsWiring Standards
Mobile Telecommunications Standards

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Oct 17

How is Gold Made? - Neutron Star Mergers!

The accuracy of the theorists' predictions compared to the observed merger is remarkable! Here is an article talking about it... Where and how this process of heavy element production occurs has been one of the longest-standing questio

Oct 17

HVAC New Units

Hi there, I will tell you guys right up front that I have NOT done a lot of research. I will after I get some input from you. I have not done a TAB report in the building yet, for example. It is in the works. I am looking into replacing two old HVAC units. They are from the 50-60s, and they are a

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