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Automotive Brazil 2025: Future Scenarios and their Implications on the Technology and Consumption Revolution - A Multi-Client Study

Understand the market and the business model of the automotive industry in Brazil to 2025.

What volume of vehicle demand will be likely in 2025?

What does the government and industry need to do to turn things around?

Brazil is experiencing its worst recession in 80 years. Auto sales are down 50% from what they were in 2012, and big changes will be necessary to get Brazil back to its 2012 peak by 2025. However, with the country mired in both political and economic crises, will industry stakeholders be willing to work together to enact change?

Automotive Brazil 2025: Future Scenarios and their Implications on the Technology and Consumption Revolution, a special study from IHS Markit, provides an outlook for Brazil's automotive sector in 2025. With the study, you will:

  • Understand how different economic scenarios will influence the performance of the automotive market in Brazil
  • Get to know what the impacts and consequences in Brazil of the technological developments in the global automobile
  • Grasp how changes in consumer behavior will affect the Brazilian automotive market

Brazil Scenarios Infographic


Get valuable insights to guide your company's strategic planning

The study addresses all of the critical issues facing the automobile business in Brazil. Automotive Brazil 2025 aims to build a future vision for the light and commercial vehicle market in Brazil out to 2025. The study provides three scenarios based on potential outcomes:

  • The government and industry work together to rebuild the automotive market
  • Only one of the parties (Government & Industry) actually steps up and does something
  • Neither party does anything

The study includes

  • Executive summary on historical evolution, current situation and perspectives on key industry topics
  • Forecast of production volumes and car sales until 2025 for commercial and light vehicles
  • Evolution of sales trends by product segment
  • Results of research conducted by industry experts
  • More than 80 key indicators, with time series from 2003-25
  • Onsite presentation
  • Hard copy and electronic deliverables

Key topics covered in this study

Technological evolution

Connectivity, Infotainment, Vehicle Safety and Energy Efficiency

  • What technologies will be incorporated into Brazilian automobiles, by product type, by 2025?
  • What are the impacts of the technological revolution of the car on the local supply chain?
  • How will emerging technologies affect car prices in Brazil?
Economics and regulation

The need for industry adaptation in a recovering economy

  • When will car sales in Brazil return to the same level of the (peak) year 2012?
  • How will the level of capacity utilization evolve and what are the consequences for the industry?
  • What regulatory changes will affect the automotive sector in Brazil by 2025?
  • What conditions and competition will Brazilian car exports face?

Changes in consumer behavior and the impact on the Brazilian market

  • How will new consumer behavior trends affect the car market in Brazil?
  • How will competition strategies work among Brazilian automakers?
  • As the sales process evolves, what will be the consequences for the dealer network?
Urbanization and mobility

New players and the threat of substitutes

  • What will be the effects of the sharing economy on urban mobility in Brazil?
  • How will "mobility on demand" services evolve?
  • Will new concepts for technology infrastructure and "Smart Cities" mold public policies for urban mobility?

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