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IHS Automotive Consulting and Advisory Services

Make confident strategic and tactical decisions

Investment decisions and long-term strategic plans can affect business for decades. Timely, accurate information, expertise and insight around vehicle markets, technologies, suppliers and consumers form the foundation for effective business planning. Our automotive consultants combine rigorous methodologies with hands-on knowledge to deliver tactical analysis and medium- and long-term strategic plans. We also provide detailed perspectives on regulatory impact on the industry, technological innovation and specific companies. Our advisory services help you:

  • Identify trends, opportunities and competition for current products
  • Assess technology and market trends
  • Develop strategies for capturing growth opportunities
  • Invest company resources to maximize returns and minimize loss
  • Identify target customer segments and needs

Products and Solutions

Infotainment Platform Analysis

Leverage infotainment to sharpen your competitive edge

Vehicle infotainment is a key differentiator in consumer sales, including in-car connectivity, entertainment, navigation, telematics and HMI. Car head-unit configuration, choice of features and integration with personal device platforms are critical parts of an OEM’s product plan.

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Fuel Economy Forecast

Competitively position vehicles within segments

Fuel-economy and CO2 emission regulations present clear challenges—and opportunities—to OEMs and automotive suppliers. The technology to meet these mandates exists, but selection, investment, application and market positioning can be complex with long-term ramifications. IHS Automotiv...

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Supplier Business Planning

Master the automotive supply-chain environment

Taking advantage of market opportunities while balancing risk and profitability is a constant challenge for automotive suppliers. Understanding OEM sourcing and technology strategies along with current competitive supplier relationships is critical to a supplier’s success. IHS supports suppliers...

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OEM Strategic LV Sales Planning

Establish a solid basis for future volume and market planning

Macroeconomic, geopolitical and environmental factors can create complexity and uncertainty for global light-vehicle automotive sales. Rising prosperity can mean great opportunity in some regions and great risk in others. CO2 emissions regulations and MPG requirements increasingly aff...

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Advanced Safety Systems and ADAS Roadmap and Forecast

Capitalize on advanced driver-assistance solutions

Many automotive OEMs are looking to increase vehicle safety ratings through government programs and new car assessment programs. Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), also known as active-safety systems, include a variety of applications with increasingly selective autonomous control. Proc...

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Increase Brazilian market presence

In October 2012, the Brazilian government introduced Inovar-Auto, a program focused on attaining specific emissions and fuel-efficiency goals, while nurturing the growing automotive industry. The program offers foreign OEMs tax incentives to produce safer, more efficient and technologically adva...

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Plant Investment Analysis

Target capital expenditure-sensitive sectors

Companies exposed to automaker investment cycles want to know how OEMs are going to invest in their plants—when, where, why and how much. The increasing complexity of OEM manufacturing networks make it challenging for suppliers of machinery, automation, metrology, plant infrastructure and auxil...

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OEM Loyalty, Defection, and Conquest Advisory Solutions

Find out what you’re doing right

For years, OEMs have been trying to analyze consumer experience, loyalty and defection data to better understand consumer purchase behavior and engage the right customers with the right messages at the right time.

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Dealer Network Development

Take the lead in dealer network performance

In today's competitive environment, your success depends on matching your dealer network to consumer behavior and demand. Optimizing your network—in terms of the number, size, location and product/service mix—is critical. IHS Dealer Network Development supports clients with a comprehensive suite...

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Oct 08

Toyota Motor Corp. joins other major OEMs with plan to deploy autonomous driving systems by 2020 http://t.co/sYcerPkFyz

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Oct 02

Six Brands Are Remarkably Consistent in Conquesting New Customers

While management teams for every new vehicle brand on sale in the U.S. would like to retain all of their existing customers, realistically this is not going to happen.  For various reasons – change of lifestyle or family situation, change in financial resources, unresolvable product or service issue, etc. – some  customers will defec..more

Sep 29

ChevyStar, the Andean version of OnStar, launching in Brazil

In June 2015, General Motors announced that the new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze will be launched in Brazil later this year featuring telematics from OnStar. Although Volvo launched “On Call” and BMW “ConnectedDrive” in Brazil in 2011 and 2014, respectively, GM will be a pioneer since the vehicles will be manufactured locally. GM has talked gener..more

Sep 18

Brazil still hoping to fight vehicle theft with mandates

Brazil is a country with a very high incidence of theft for cars and cargo. The Brazilian public entity SINESP (National Information System of Public Security), reported that in 2013, 448,000 vehicles were stolen, which was14% more than in 2012. In addition, according to IHS Economics and Country Risk data, cargo theft reached USD448 million ..more

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