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Enhance position data with an award-winning ship and vessel tracker.

What if you could pinpoint a ship’s location virtually down to the minute with a single application?

Track real-time ship movements online globally, covering over 13,000 ports and terminals, updated every three minutes, 24/7. Offered by the leading provider of combined satellite-terrestrial AIS ship position, movement and port calling data, AISLive's user friendly mapping tool with multiple layered maps and filtering by 197 ship types provides greater visibility and easy navigation, so you can:

  • Reveal new business opportunities
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Receive live notifications of itinerary changes
  • Watch what your competitors are doing
  • Analyze trade flow patterns
  • Follow your fleet's global movements, including deep sea
  • Track routes, speeds and arrival times
  • Identify and watch ships that pose potential security risk

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The increased coverage of AISLive provides greater visibility of your fleets’ deep sea and offshore movements.

AISLive premium map satellite

  • Combined Data: Satellite and terrestrial coverage of ship movements
  • Ship Type Filtering: Search by 197different ship types (based on Statcode 5 system)
  • Ship Track on Map: Visualize up to 30 days ship track
  • Ship Watch/Alerts and Zone Services: Use these automated services to track current vessel positions and destination changes. Create your bespoke alert zone to be notified when a ship goes through a specified area.
  • Easy to Navigate: Quickly and intuitively conduct map searches and use interactive charts with ability to zoom in 16 levels
  • Distance Tables Module: Calculate a ship’s arrival with greater accuracy
  • Real-time Ship Movements: Track ship locations worldwide, 24/7 online
  • Verified Ship Data: Find name, technical manager and commercial operator, type, call sign, dimensions and photos
  • Ship Search: Locate current or last reported position
  • Seamless Connectivity to Sea-web™

Subscription Overview/Features

AISLive Premium

AISLive Premium combines all the great features of AISLive & AISLive Plus but with an added dimension - the inclusion of satellite data for mid ocean coverage. Users will enjoy live coverage of ship positions and movements along the world’s critical maritime trade routes, including deep ocean, for asset tracking or risk assessment.

AISLive Plus

AISLive Plus combines all the great features of AISLive plus enhanced ports information. This software, also available as a mobile app and full version for tablets, connects instantly to Sea-web™. Over 110,000 users rely on AISLive Plus for comprehensive details of:

  • 13,000+ ports & terminals
  • Pre-arrival and navigation
  • Berths and cargo
  • 4,000+ plans and mooring diagrams

AISLive Subscription Levels

Compare the services included with AISLive Premium, AISLive Plus and AISLive. Find the AISLive solution that is right for your business needs.

ServicesAISLive PremiumAISLive PlusAISLive Standard
Our unique filtering service uses the ship code system
Statcode 5 allowing filtering of 169 different ship types for verified ships and 22 unverfied ship types




NEW filters include Destination Port, ETA, Draught, Speed, DWT,GT Operator and Technical Manager




Satellite ship movements:
Live ship positions taken from our satellite network provides clearer tracking of your ships deep sea movements around the globe


Terrestrial ship movements:
Live ship positions taken from our terrestrial antenna network




Show ship colour by ship speed/recency




Show ship colour by ship type




Verified data:
Using our ships and ports databases AISLive enhances the ship/port data to supply more accurate and complete information




Ship characteristics & ownership data:
Additional ship and ownership data on ships taken




Ship photographs




Latest ship and company news headlines




Basic port information




Dry Cargo & Tanker Berths Layer on map




Enhanced port information:
View comprehensive details of over 12,000 ports & terminals including a complete description of the port and all of the relevant facilities, pre-arrival and navigation details, berths and cargo, tanker berths, plans and mooring diagrams



Latest port news



Ships expected in port in next 24 hours data:
View a list of ships due into a port in the next 24 hours taken from our combined port calling data



Ships currently in port data:
View a list of ships currently in a port taken from our combined port calling data



Ships departed port in the last 24 hours data:
View a list of ships departed a port in the last 24 hours taken from our combined port calling data



Coverage of up to 89,000 live vessels every day




Weather information
Automatically refreshes as you navigate around the map




Quotas vary from service levels (s=single user quota / n=network user quota)


Add ships/fleet to the WatchList to easily see the latest positions with option to export to Excel and add notes


s/n 250


s90 / n120


s30 / n60

Bespoke Alert Zones
Create your bespoke alerts zones anywhere in the world to be notified when a ship has arrived in a certain area.
Zones can be anywhere between 2 and 160 nautical miles


s/n 50


s/n 20


s/n 20

Itinerary Change Alerts

Receive automated emails alerts to any address when the crew change the destination or time of arrival on their transponder


s/n 250


s90 / n120


s30 / n60

Port Arrival Alerts
Receive automated emails alerts to any address when a ship arrives at a port




Daily Noon Report Email Alert
Receive an automated email daily to provide the latest positions and information of the ships in your WatchList




Additional Services   
C-map and Bing road and satellite map views including 16 levels of zoom




Events Time Line




Ship Track History on Map and in Google:
Track a ships historical movements directly on the AIS map with ability to set date range and draught threshold


up to 30 days


up to 7 days


up to 7 days

Real Time Intelligence Report

This refreshable report provides insight to ships shown on map providing top 10 lists including destination, last port of call, ship type and Operators and Managers




Measure Tool
Measure points on a map (in nautical miles) using the simple to use tool




Add Notes
Ability to add notes to ships in your WatchList




AISLive mobile app
AISLive mobile app for iPhone and iPad users is available to download




AISLive Layar app
View ship data on your mobile with the AISLive Layar App. View in reality via your camera




AIS Data Supply Services
A range of tailored AIS data services are available. Satellite and terrestrial AIS information can be supplied in a format of your
choice, at a frequency of your choice, to integrate into your own system or for your own analysis.
Contact us for more informationContact us for more informationContact us for more information
NEW AISLive Premium: The complete picture
Increased coverage of your fleets’ deep sea and offshore movements

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