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Advanced Country Analysis and Forecast

Assess business risks and opportunities in over 200 countries

Do you have a reliable resource to help you evaluate key business investment decisions?

We provide a holistic view of the economic and risk environment in over 200 countries with daily analysis, detailed country profiles, transparent risk ratings and economic forecasts that cover up to 500 indicators per economy. Get consistent coverage and a current market view by tapping into more than 150 economists and 60 country risk analysts. Our flexible online delivery platform and data access tools allow you to use these resources to:

  • Assess the business impact of changing world events
  • Identify and size high-potential markets
  • Analyze investment risks across countries
  • Keep pace with regulatory, legal and foreign direct investment shifts
  • Respond quickly to developments that will impact your bottom line

What’s Included


Daily Analysis
Proprietary analysis of news, events and developments in 200+ countries covering significant, implications, outlook and risks

Country Reports
Uniform analysis of 200+ countries across six risk categories: political, economic, legal, taxation, operational, security; coverage of economic developments, sectors and trade profiles

Special Reports
In-depth analysis of trends and hot topics across countries, sectors and regions

Risk Ratings

Country Risk Ratings
Uniform risk ratings across six FDI-relevant categories (political, economic, legal, tax, operational, security) for 200+ countries, with tools to filter, compare and visualize ratings

Sovereign Risk Ratings
Short- and medium-term sovereign risk assessments for 200+ countries, based on a consensus rating (IHS + three major rating institutions)

Data & Forecasts

Data Visualization
Get fast access to key economic data and forecasts with preformatted tables and graphs

Data Browser
Quickly retrieve, format and customize your queries using our vast repository with an intuitive interface

Flexible Export
Export data and charts to Excel or PowerPoint for easy integration with your own reports

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Up to 500 economic indicators per economy for 200+ countries
  • 30-year forecasts and historical data back to 1970
  • Monthly forecast updates for 100+ countries
  • Quarterly forecast updates for 200+ countries
Member Privileges

Analyst Access
On-demand access to 150 full-time economists and 60 dedicated country risk analysts

Regular updates and Q&A sessions on the global economy and emerging country risks, delivered by leading experts

Global Conferences
Expert interaction and peer networking opportunities

Solve Your Business Challenges

I need to assess the business impact of significant country events.Get daily analysis to track all business- and economic-related events.
I need to monitor emerging business trends.Rely on our special reports and webcasts to evaluate key themes and events across geographies.
I need comprehensive economic data across countries to prepare a report.Use our flexible data access and reporting tools to leverage 30-year forecasts and historical data for 200+ countries, with up to 500 indicators per economy.
I want to compare international business environments across countries and make foreign direct investment recommendations.Access our comparative country analysis and ratings for six major risk areas—political, economic, legal, tax, operational, security.
I can’t find independent sovereign risk ratings.Download short-term and medium-term sovereign credit risk scores for 200+ countries.
I need to quickly compile a presentation for the C-Suite.Retrieve, format and customize economic data and forecasts in pre-formatted charts, graphs and PowerPoint presentations.
When faced with a timely decision, I can’t find objective intelligence and expertise.Email any of our 150 full-time economists and 60 dedicated country risk analysts for a fast response.

Industry Success Stories


Blog Feed

Jul 29

Video: Implications of the Great Divergence

Interview of Nariman Behravesh on implications of the "Great Divergence." What is the outlook for the world’s major economies as a consequence of the “great divergence”? Well, today's global economy can be described as the “great divergence”—or the “great divergences,” we could put in the plural. And these differences, divergences, are driven by four..more

Jun 01

Next phase of the smartphone revolution: Indoor maps

Over 90,000 indoor locations are forecast to be mapped and accessible via smartphone by the end of 2015, as indoor positioning edges closer toward mass acceptance. That number is projected to more than double by the end of the decade, with the retail environment—malls and larger stores—leading the way. Available on services like Google Maps, ind..more

Jun 01

EU cedes more power over GMO cultivation to member states

The European Union (EU) is implementing new rules making it easier for member states to decide whether to allow cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) within their borders. GMOs are plants, animals, or micro-organisms whose genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally through fertilization. Corn, c..more

Twitter Feed

Jul 31

Chinese solar producers look to hurdle US and European trade barriers by moving production abroad http://t.co/QDGQpK3PwW

Jul 29

Pakistani police kill leader of sectarian militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, his two sons and 11 others http://t.co/nNglLo27SI

Jul 29

The Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.7 percent Tuesday even after China pledged efforts to “stabilize” the market

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