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What do guns and oil have in common?

Five countries—Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Colombia, and Syria—accounted for over three-quarters of the total terrorism attacks on energy infrastructure and assets recorded by IHS between 2013 and 2014. As a strategic asset, oil and gas infrastructure will always be an attractive target for individuals and groups who want to publicly air grievances. These are highly localized problems. Understanding them and their context is crucial to mitigating risk.

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What does Tom Cruise have to do with user experience?

Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible film features a full-windscreen Head-Up display during a high-speed chase, as well as gesture and speech recognition controls to see the road ahead and catch the villain. His Minority Report had more of the same. This type of technology is getting ever closer to making the jump from the silver screen to your windscreen. Read about how the tech and automotive worlds are colliding—in a good way.

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How is chemistry building a better television?

To stay abreast of customer demand for innovative and attractive new devices, proactive electronic manufacturers must collaborate with the chemical industry to obtain the right polymers and resins. Those who committed to older technologies and materials may face significant supply chain—and market—issues.

What does a remote control have to do with maritime trade?

Naval architects, including those at Rolls Royce marine’s Oskar Levander, are working on autonomous ships, driven by the very latest satellite-linked technology. In fact, he claim a small team of trained, maritime-experienced technicians could operate a fleet of 50 or 100 vessels, saving typical downtime on long passages between ports. While benefits include cost reduction (no need to feed and house a crew) and greater space for cargo, security implications are still unresolved.

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How does ROI intersect with devastating diseases?

Pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers struggle to ensure ROI over a product’s lifecycle through flexible pricing and tiered pricing (matching a product’s price to a locality). Used strategically, they hold the key to launching and sustaining value across markets. But neither is without risk. The price that a company sets—especially in emerging markets—can be fraught with both financial and social ramifications.

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