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IHS Consulting services provide an unmatched combination of information, insight, and expertise, transforming knowledge into data and customizing a solution to meet your greatest strategic and operational challenges.
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  1. Advisory Services for Predicting Business Dynamics

    Predicting Business Dynamics Maximize sales and return on investments Want to expand your company’s footprint?Our consultants build upon the foundation of the Economics & Country Risk products to address your specific mar

  2. Reservoir Engineering Consulting

    IHS Fekete Reservoir Engineering Consulting Services Optimize reservoir performance We offer interdisciplinary expertise across a team of reservoir engineers, geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, production engineers,

  3. Aerospace and Defense Industry Analysis and Consulting

    Aerospace and Defence Industry Consulting Develop effective strategies and capture new revenue Want to develop the most effective market strategies? Improve your chances of winning new business?This aerospace and defence cons

  4. Country Risk Consulting

    Country Risk Consulting Convert risk into opportunity We provide tailored solutions to help you manage country risk. To evaluate your external context, forecast key risks to profitability, establish risk systems, and conduct

  5. Chemical Industry Consulting, Strategy and Forecasting

    Consulting for the Chemical Industry Access unsurpassed industry insight and information into core chemical consulting capabilities. IHS Chemical Consulting draws on more than 60 years of providing strategic planning, technol

  6. Oil and Gas Community of Best Practice

    IHS Community of Best Practice Collaborate with peers to advance knowledge and performance in specific unconventional oil and gas plays What if you could avoid other companies’ mistakes but repeat their successes?The IHS Comm

  7. Chemical Consulting: Legal Support

    Legal Support Consulting IHS Chemical Consulting: Legal Support assists clients and their counsel with challenging legal issues involving the energy, chemical or allied products industries. Client Challenges Our consultants w

  8. Chemical Consulting: Commercial Renewables

    Renewables Consulting IHS Chemical Consulting: Renewables assists clients with economic, commercial and regulatory issues surrounding environmental and sustainability technologies, products and processes. Contact an IHS Chemi

  9. Chemical Consulting: Strategic Development

    Strategic Development Consulting IHS Chemical Consulting: Strategic Development assists clients with major decisions that entail external market and competitive considerations. Whether you are considering entry into a new mar

  10. Chemical Consulting: Technology

    Technology Consulting IHS Chemical Consulting: Technology assists clients with critical technology decisions. These decisions often hold the potential to drive portfolio optimization, involve heavy capital expenditures or aff

  11. Chemical Consulting: Transaction Support

    Transaction Support Consulting IHS Chemical Consulting: Transaction Support combines the deep industry, commercial and technical expertise of our consultants to support every aspect of our clients’ financial transactions. Whe

  12. Integrated Oil and Gas Reservoir Studies

    Integrated Reservoir Studies Consulting Get precise and meaningful multi-disciplinary impact ?Are you exploring or developing a new oil or gas reservoir? Need a better understanding of reservoir behavior?Our expert team condu

  13. Oil and Gas Reserves Evaluation Consulting

    Reserves Evaluation Consulting Quantify oil and gas reserves with a recognized third-party evaluation. Do you need to prepare an annual reserves report? Appraise asset value for an acquisition or divestiture?Rely on our exper

  14. Oil and Gas Well Testing and Rate Transient Analysis

    Well Testing and Rate Transient Analysis Consulting Design and analyze oil and gas well tests and production data to characterize and forecast reservoir performance Are you collecting the data you need to understand your well

  15. Midstream Gas Consulting

    Midstream Gas Consulting Manage the delivery, price and cost of gas between the wellhead and end markets What is the cheapest energy to power my project? Which opportunities align best with my company’s strengths?IHS Energy C

  16. Downstream and Refining Consulting IHS

    Downstream and Refining Consulting Optimize long-term fuel mix strategies and position for growth Should we undertake an expansion? How much will it cost to build a refinery?IHS Energy Consulting collaborates with private and

  17. Regulatory Compliance & Comparative Analysis

    Regulatory Compliance & Comparative Analysis Consulting Achieve worldwide energy regulatory compliance and attract foreign investment in the energy sector Which laws apply to our operations? Do we have the right permits?

  18. Upstream Oil and Gas Consulting

    Upstream Oil and Gas Consulting Optimize portfolio and performance Where should we invest next? Can we cut production costs in one area to offset higher costs elsewhere?IHS Energy Consulting collaborates with corporate and go

  19. Geology Consulting for Oil and Gas Reservoir Engineering

    Geology Consulting Perform insightful, comprehensive and meaningful interpretations Do you need to know where geophysical activity has occurred in an area of interest? Want to identify underexplored areas?Our petroleum geolog

  20. Oil and Gas Reservoir Asset Management and Consulting

    Integrated Asset Management Consulting Achieve improved production at minimal cost and risk Are you optimizing production assets throughout the field? Efficiently removing bottlenecks and estimating pipeline capacity?Using IH

  21. Production Engineering and Field Operations Consulting

    Production Engineering Consulting Obtain superior conventional and unconventional well designs Do you need to predict well and field deliverability?Our oil and gas production engineering services complement geological and res

  22. Oil and Gas Regulatory Application Consulting

    Regulatory Applications Consulting Submit proper regulatory applications for approval Are you confident your oil and gas regulatory filings will receive approval?Our consultants prepare and submit drilling, production and res

  23. Oil and Gas Community of Best Practice: Eagle Ford

    Eagle Ford Community of Best Practice Drive optimal well performance Do you have or are you considering operations or investments in the Eagle Ford Shale play?Formed in 2011, the Eagle Ford Community offers interested stakeho

  24. Chemical Consulting Commercial Studies

    Commercial Studies Consulting IHS Chemical Consulting: Commercial Studies supports our clients in their corporate and business planning, business development and capital projects. Find out how we can help you expand your busi

  25. Consulting for the Chemical Industry

    IHS Consulting for the Chemical Industry Providing chemical companies, financial institutions, governments, investors and businesses worldwide information and forecasts for better decision making. In today’s uncertain economy

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