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Specialty Chemicals Suites

As the chemical industry becomes more complex, with greater competition than ever before, you want to ensure that you are making the right business decisions to maximize business potential. Credible, up-to-date industry information and in-depth, authoritative market analysis are paramount. Gathering this information is a time-consuming process. IHS Chemical Specialty Suites does the work for you by assembling specific Chemical Economics Handbook (CEH) and Specialty Chemicals Update Program (SCUP) reports for chemicals that are relevant to your end-use market. With each of our 14 suites, you receive detailed market data, a five-year forecast and actionable insights, along with inquiry privileges to speak to an IHS Chemical expert about the report findings.

In publication for more than sixty years, these reports offer a trusted reference and allow you to understand:

  • Trends and strategic issues driving specific chemical markets
  • Market opportunities and threats
  • Global and regional supply-demand dynamics
  • Major growth drivers in end-use markets
  • Key players and issues along the entire industry value chain

Product and Solutions

Water Treatment Reports Suite

Access the near-term outlook for the global water treatment chemical market.

Water is a prerequisite for life on Earth. The growing human population increases water consumption and enforces usages of water with higher salt content. Industry and municipalities are increasingly using both coastal (seawater) and inland water sources with high salt levels. Industrial, mining a...

water-treatment-chemicals-suite-handout (PDF, 83 KB)

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Surfactants Report Suite

Track the surfactant chemical market, from chelating agents to cleaners.

Widespread use of surfactants, surface active agents, and chemicals from household and cosmetics products to industrial processes and products, has prompted suppliers and users to develop highly integrated business relationships across the surfactants value chain. Surfactant markets and products a...

Surfactants-Suite (PDF, 96 KB)

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Renewables Report Suite

Understand the prospects for renewable and bioplastic chemical markets.

Crude oil and natural gas are, and have long been, the primary feedstocks for the global chemical industry. But renewable chemical feedstocks are beginning to challenge fossil fuel dominance. Natural fats, oil, starches and sugars are well-established feedstocks for oleochemicals and biofuels. Mor...

Renewables-Report-Suite (PDF, 91 KB)

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Performance Plastics Reports Suite

Track the latest trends in performance plastics chemicals.

Major growth drivers for performance plastics reside in automotive manufacturing where lightweighting is taking place to increase fuel efficiency and cut emissions. Compared to commodity plastics, performance plastics exhibit superior mechanical properties and improved chemical resistance, especia...

performance-plastics-suite-handout (PDF, 139 KB)

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Oxo Chemicals Report Suite

Monitor supply and demand in the oxo chemicals market.

Oxo chemicals play an important role in today’s world. These intermediate and derivative products (aldehydes converted into alcohols, acids and others) are used in surface coatings, solution polymers and solvents just to name a few. They are found in major end-use markets such as construction and ...

OxO-Chemicals-Suite-handout (PDF, 346 KB)

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Nylon Chain Reports Suite

Understand the key drivers behind chemicals used to make nylon.

Today, the nylon chain is a fragile supply chain, driven by different factors. For example, regional capacity dynamics surrounding Nylon 6 have created a low-cost center of excellence in Asia with all parties focused on servicing customers in that region. Outside of Asia, however, high-value oppor...

Nylon-Chain-Suite (PDF, 95 KB)

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Mining Reports Suite

Keep pace with trends in the global mining chemicals market.

The Mining Reports Suite helps producers and consumers understand mining chemicals market drivers, industry dynamics and key players by providing a comprehensive overview that supports strategic decision making.

Mining-Reports-Suite-handout (PDF, 256 KB)

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Mineral Reports Suite

Understand the key catalysts driving the global mineral market.

The Mineral Reports Suite helps producers and consumer understand mineral market drivers, industry dynamics and key players by providing a comprehensive overview that supports strategic decision making.

Mineral-Reports-Suite-handout (PDF, 255 KB)

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Industrial Gases Reports Suite

Understand the outlook for the global industrial gas market.

The industrial gas market has experienced strong growth due to improving economies, increased energy demand, climate control initiatives and healthcare needs in developing and developed regions. The rapid expansion of infrastructure in Asian economies will consume significant quantities of industr...

Industrial-Gases-Suite-handout (PDF, 238 KB)

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Industrial Coatings Report Suite

Maximize industrial coating buying, selling and operating decisions.

The industrial coatings market will continue to experience significant changes over the next few years due to several factors. Industry consolidation will occur, particularly within mature regions. Increasingly stringent environmental regulations will drive the development of new coatings technolo...

Industrial-Coatings-Reports-Suite-handout (PDF, 134 KB)

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Food and Nutrition Reports Suite

Monitor food chemical market and industry trends.

Today, consumers demand and enjoy a food supply that is flavorful, nutritious, safe, convenient, colorful and affordable. Food additives help make this possible. They add nutritional value, extend product shelf life, and enhance color, texture and taste.

Food-Nutrition-Suite (PDF, 99 KB)

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Fertilizer Reports Suite

Understand the dynamics driving the global fertilizer market.

As the world’s population increases, the need for food and the nutrients to produce food will correspondingly increase. Although crop prices and purchase timing may affect short-term demand, growth is definite in the medium to long term. Demand for food directly influences fertilizer production. A...

Fertilizers-Suite-handout (PDF, 241 KB)

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Elastomers & Feedstocks Reports Suite

Keep up with the global elastomer market and its major feedstocks.

Globally, tire and tired products consume 70% of all elastomers. Other major markets associated with elastomers include wire/cable insulation, roofing membranes, automotive mechanical goods, medical applications, appliance parts, footwear and sport equipment. Expansion in these markets will contin...

Elastomers-Feedstocks-Suite-handout (PDF, 110 KB)

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Decorative Coatings Reports Suite

Optimize decorative coating buying, selling and operating decisions.

The decorative coatings market will continue to experience significant changes over the next few years due to industry consolidation in mature regions and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. The latter will drive the shift from solvent-borne to waterborne technologies, leading to cha...

Decorative-Coatings-Suite (PDF, 155 KB)

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