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Generate accurate and reliable forecasts for CBM plays

Do your current forecasting tools factor in the unique needs of CBM plays?

IHS CBM (coalbed methane) software lets you forecast and estimate reserves for new or producing CBM plays. Calculate original gas-in-place, expected ultimate recovery and recovery factor with the deterministic methods of decline, static and flowing material balance and volumetrics. Employ multiple analysis methods, including the Agarwal-Gardner type curve, to properly characterize the CBM play and develop an accurate analytical model. Use probabilistic risk analysis with Monte Carlo simulation to generate the most likely ranges for your estimates.

Learn how to:

  • Accurately forecast and estimate reserves for coal bed methane reservoirs
  • Quickly determine optimal drill spacing for play areas
  • Reveal data inconsistencies or operational issues in a producing well



Analysis of Production Data
Use fast-computing multiphase reservoir models to match the gas and water production rates and flowing pressures. Estimate properties, such as permeability, skin and drainage area, and diagnose problems such as liquid loading, interference and change in operating conditions.

Production and Field Optimization
Forecast well performance using variable bottomhole flowing pressure and skin. Evaluate the benefits of compression, stimulation and infill drilling. Quickly import reservoir properties into IHS Piper to design and optimize your gas-gathering system.


Reserve Estimation
Use multiple tools to estimate the original-gas-in-place (OGIP), expected ultimate recovery (EUR), and recovery factor. Tools include deterministic methods such as volumetrics, static and flowing material balance, as well as traditional decline analyses and probabilistic risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation.


Modeling Capabilities
Utilize analytical and numerical models to characterize a coal bed methane reservoir. For wet CBM (multiphase) reservoirs, use the PSS model. For dry (single-phase gas) CBM reservoirs, use RTA-style analytical models and typecurves specially adapted to account for desorption effects.

Multi-Layer Capabilities

Multi-Layer Capabilities
Include multiple layers of coal or sand in a model, to match and forecast the per-layer contributions and the overall commingled production rates.

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