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Coal Price Data and Indexes

Optimize trading and investment decisions with industry-leading benchmark prices.

IHS coal price markers form a key component of the API indices, which serve as the settlement price in 90% of the world's coal derivative contracts. With its legacy of playing a key role in developing steam coal indexation, IHS McCloskey first published the NW European marker in 1991. This set the standard for 6,000kc coal traded in the Atlantic and the foundation for the API indices. Produced jointly between IHS McCloskey and Argus, the API indices helped transform coal into a commodity.

Indonesian 4,200 kc GAR is some of the most liquid physical spot markets in Asia, supported by strong demand from China and India. Due to its ability to respond quickly and accurately to market conditions the IHS McCloskey Indonesian 4,200 kc GAR FOB marker is increasingly being used for physical transactions and will shortly become the basis for derivatives trading in for the product.

Available as an add on to our other products, the full set of steam, coking and petcoke prices – along with vital coal market data, news and analysis – can be accessed through our online platform IHS Connect to:

  • Support your trades, purchases, sales and contracts
  • Track coal developments by country, region and coal type
  • Identify and capitalize on market trends

Methodology and Resources

Watch this short video to learn about the full suite of IHS Energy coal capabilities.

Available Coal Price Indices and Market Data

Sample Steam Coal Prices
  • NW Europe CIF (6,000kc NAR) – Part of API 2
  • Richards Bay FOB (6,000kc NAR) – Part of API 4
  • South African FOB (5,500kc NAR)– Part of API 3
  • Australian FOB (5,500kc NAR) – Part of API 5
  • Newcastle FOB (6,000kc NAR) – Part of API 6
  • South China CFR (5,500kc NAR) – Part of API 8
  • South China CFR (4,900kc , 6,000kc NAR) – produced with Xinhua
  • Qinhuangdao (domestic/export) FOB (5,000, 5,800 6,000kc)
  • Indonesian FOB (6,000kc NAR) / FOB (5,500kc NAR)
  • Indonesian Sub-Bit FOB 4,900kc NAR, 4,200kc/3,800kc GAR
  • Indian CFR (5,500kc NAR) East & West coast – Part of API 12
  • India East Coast CFR & West Coast (5,000kc / 4,200kc)
  • US East Coast & US Gulf High Sulphur FOB (6,000kc)
  • Bolivar Colombian FOB (6,000kc NAR) – Part of API 10
  • Russian West Coast FOB (6,000kc NAR) East Coast (6,700kc)
  • NEX (Newcastle Thermal Coal Export) Index

Key Coal Prics Indices

Steam, Coking, Petcoke Prices

Full dataset of all benchmark prices:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
Additional Market Data
  • OTC trades, Asian swaps, spot and contract prices
  • Daily freight assessments and freight rates
  • Global trade (imports/exports) by country and type
  • Stocks (mines, power station, ports)
  • Production and consumption

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