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2016 IHS Taiwan Display Conference | 2016 IHS 台灣顯示產業研討會

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Apr 26-27, 2016
Taipei, Taiwan 台北,台灣

IHS is holding 2016 IHS Taiwan Display Conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

David Hsieh

Director, Analysis/Research, IHS Technology Mr. David Hsieh is Director of Analysis & Research within the IHS Technology group.

Jerry Kang

Senior Manager, IHS Technology

Jerry Kang is responsible for the OLED display market analysis at IHS. His main focus is the AMOLED panel and the next generation display market including flexible and transparent display with AMOLED. With more than 10 years of industry experience, Jerry is known for his professional analysis and strategic insights on the technology and market for OLED display. He is frequently quoted in media, and is invited to speak at major conferences worldwide.

Prior to joining IHS in 2011, Jerry worked as an OLED development engineer for Samsung SDI and Samsung Mobile Display for almost six years, in charge of operational circuit designing for OLED and LCD. He also worked as a researcher at the Media & Broadcasting System.

Jerry received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering from Pusan National University.

Linda Lin

Senior Analyst, Large Display, IHS Tech

Linda Lin specializes in large-area TFT LCD panel research at IHS. She is in charge of surveying panel makers and brand vendors to follow notebook panel supply chains, and covers worldwide large-size panel market research.

With over eight years of industry experience, Linda owns superior relationship and network in the display industry. Prior to joining IHS in 2011, she worked for WitsView and was in charge of panel and downstream (monitor and TV) product research. She also worked for Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute and took charge of regional research for South and East Asia. It was during this time that she changed research domain to large-size panel displays.

Linda earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology in Taiwan.

Robin Wu

Senior Analyst/Researcher, IHS Technology Mr. Robin Wu is a Senior Analyst/Researcher within the IHS Technology group.

Calvin Hsieh

Principal Analyst, Touch and User Interface, IHS Technology Mr. Calvin Hsieh is an Analyst/Researcher within the IHS Technology group.

Deborah Yang

Senior Manager, Supply Chain, IHS Technology Ms. Deborah Yang is Director of Supply Chain intelligence within the IHS Technology group.

Jusy Hong

Principal Analyst, Consumer Devices, TV Mr. Jusy Hong leads a TV research team at IHS.

Jason Hsu

Principal Analyst, IHS Tech

Jason Hsu is responsible for the analysis of the display industry and technology at IHS Technology. With his 10 years of industry experience, Mr. Hsu has made significant contributions to large LCD panel market research and specializes in tablet panel supply chains as well as LCD panel pricing.

Prior to joining IHS in 2011, he worked as strategy planning manager at Acer Corporation, where he was in charge of market analysis and product planning. He also served as account director at GfK Taiwan, providing consultation services to a wide range of customers in the electronic arena.

Jason earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Nation Cheng-Kung University.

Jeff Lin

Senior Analyst/Researcher, IHS Technology Mr. Jeff Lin is a Senior Analyst/Researcher within the IHS Technology group.

Stacy Wu

Principal Analyst, IHS Technology

Stacy Wu is responsible for small & medium display research at IHS with a primary focus on automotive displays. Stacy has several years of experience in conducting market research and consultancy on the display technology markets. She had conducted several automotive display related projects and is handling automotive display market report.

Prior to her role, Stacy was the senior analyst for large area display research and had built solid and comprehensive display industry connections and networks. Before joining IHS, Stacy was the section manager of market intelligence in Delta Electronic's corporate marketing team and a market analyst in Philip Multi Media Display.

She holds MSc in International Marketing from University of Strathclyde and Bachelor of Business Administration from National Cheng-chi University.

Peter Su

Senior Analyst/Researcher, IHS Technology Mr. Peter Su is a Senior Analyst/Researcher within the IHS Technology group.

Tadashi Uno

Senior Analyst, IHS Technology Mr. Tadashi Uno is a Senior Analyst within the IHS Technology group.
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