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2017 International Oil & Gas Executive Forum | 2017 国际油气发展研讨会

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Dec 08, 2016
Beijing, China

The Forum will review key events that have helped shape the energy sector in 2016 and provide industry outlooks for the coming years.

Robert Ineson, M.B.A.

Managing Director, North American Natural Gas IHS 能源执行研究主管

Mr. Robert Ineson serves as Managing Director, North American Natural Gas. His expertise also includes liquefied natural gas markets. In 1997, Mr. Ineson was instrumental in the development of a modeling system for North American natural gas markets that is today the most widely used market modeling software in the North American gas industry and a key component of IHS Energy’s analytical effort. He has 30+ years of energy industry experience and has led IHS Energy’s North American natural gas research efforts since 2005. Mr. Ineson is a coauthor, with IHS Chairman Daniel Yergin, of The Wall Street Journal op-ed piece "America’s Natural Gas Revolution." Mr. Ineson is a coauthor of the IHS CERA Multiclient Studies Fueling North America’s Energy Future and Rising to the Challenge: Turning North America’s Unconventional Potential into Reality—A Supply Study to 2018. His past works include Diminishing Returns: The Cost of North American Gas Supply in an Unconventional Era; New Realities, New Risks: North American Gas and Power Scenarios Through 2020; and The Alchemist’s Challenge: Turning the Southern Cone’s Natural Gas into Gold. His recent research focuses on the unconventional natural gas revolution and on the evolution of global LNG markets. Mr. Ineson holds a Bachelor of Art from the State University of New York at Albany, U.S., and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.

Robert Ineson, IHS 能源执行研究主管,牵头负责IHS北美天然气和全球液化天然气的研究活动。Ineson先生专攻以下领域的分析: 北美天然气和液化天然气市场,天然气定价和传输,以及公司战略。他最近的研究活动聚焦于非常规天然气革命和全球液化天然气市场的演化。Ineson先生与IHS副主席丹尼尔耶金合著撰写了华尔街日报专栏文章 《美国的天然气革命》。他还是以下IHS能源多客户研究报告的合著者:推动北美地区的能源未来,以及迎接挑战:把北美的非常规能源潜力转化为现实—至2018年的供应侧研究。他之前的工作成果还包括IHS 能源多客户研究:回报率的下滑:非常规能源时代北美天然气供应的成本;新现实,新风险:至2020年的北美天然气和电力行业情景分析; 炼金术的挑战:把南锥地区的天然气变为黄金。在加入IHS(前身为剑桥能源咨询公司)之前, Ineson先生是Coral能源公司的市场预测主管。再之前曾在多家公司从事分析岗位的工作,包括Texas Eastern,KN 能源, 以及Tenneco 能源,此外,他还是资源数据国际公司(RDI)的天然气咨询业务负责人。他还是RDI公司研究报告《天然气和电力的趋同性》的撰写人,撰写了关于天然气运输模型,管制放开以及北美天然气市场的多篇文章。Ineson先生从纽约州立大学阿尔巴尼分校获得了文学学士学位,并从宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商学院获得了MBA学位。

Xizhou Zhou

Managing Director – Asia Pacific Power, Gas, Coal and Renewables, IHS Markit Mr. Xizhou Zhou is a managing director of IHS Markit and heads the Power, Gas, Renewables and Coal group in Asia Pacific.

Xingkun Qian 钱兴坤

Vice President, CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute 中石油经研院党委书记

Vice President of CNPC Research Institute of Economics and Technology, Deputy Secretary-General of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF), and Standing Director of the 7th Board of Directors of China Science and Technology Information Institute. As a professor of engineering with a master’s degree, Mr. Qian is mainly engaged in researches on oil & gas development strategies, oil prices and market.


Jefferson Edwards

General Manager, Global Gas and LNG Market Development, Shell

Jefferson Edwards is General Manager, Global Gas and LNG Market Development for Royal Dutch Shell, based in The Hague. Mr. Edwards is responsible for Shell’s global advocacy efforts related to natural gas policy development and regulatory affairs. Prior to his current role, he has held various commercial and strategy roles within Shell’s Exploration & Production and Integrated Gas businesses, based in London, The Hague and Singapore. Mr. Edwards was the Commercial Manager responsible for Shell’s bid in the Myanmar Offshore Bid Round in 2013. Prior to joining Shell, Mr. Edwards was Director of Asian Energy Research for Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), a strategic consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He holds a MS in International Business Diplomacy from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Xiansheng Sun 孙贤胜

Secretary-General, International Energy Forum 国际能源论坛秘书长

Prior to his election, Dr. Sun was the President of China National Petroleum Corporation’s (CNPC) Economics and Technology Research Institute (ETRI) where he lead a team of over 370 staff members. Reporting to the Chinese leadership on energy policy decision making, including energy security strategies, “3E” (Energy, Environment, Economy) program development, low- carbon energy mix optimization, “three steps” of Chinese gas pricing reforms and international energy cooperation. Dr. Sun was deeply involved in the Chinese energy five-year planning process and many other major policies. Dr. Sun also served as chief editor of ETRI’s “Oil and Gas Industry Development and the first “China Energy Data and Statistics” reports.

With more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Dr. Sun has accumulated practical industry experience in oil and gas production, trading and pipeline construction. In previous roles, he has served as Director of the Legal and Contract Department of CNPC International Cooperation Bureau, Vice President of CNODC (China National Exploration and Development Company), President of PetroChina Nile Company, Chairman of JOC and President of CNPC’s Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company and also President of PetroDar company (during which the company found and developed Phalouge Oilfield, one of the largest oilfields in South Sudan), Chairman of Saining Corporation CNPC. Dr. Sun also served as Chairman of the CNPC subsidiary companies in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, and as Chairman and Chief Negotiator of China Kazakhstan Oil Pipeline Co. Moreover, as a representative of the Chinese government, Dr. Sun participated in the dialogue with OPEC and worked as chief coordinator in setting and revising production sharing contracts both for crude oil and unconventional gas for CNPC, and participated in three bidding rounds for CNPC onshore blocks.

Dr. Sun served as Director of the Editorial Board and President of the Council of International Petroleum Economics, and Chairman of Petroleum Business News Agency.

Dr. Sun holds an LLM and Ph.D from the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy(CEPMLP),University of Dundee, UK. And Dr. Sun is the advisor for Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

孙贤胜博士毕业于英国邓迪大学,获得法学硕士、博士学位,国家高端智库首席专家, 任联合国经社理事会顾问。在当选为IEF秘书长之前,担任中国石油集团经济技术研究院院长。为中国领导层提供能源政策决策支持报告,包括能源安全战略,能源、环境和经济计划制定,低碳能源结构优化,中国天然气价格改革“三步走”策略,以及国际能源合作等领域的报告,深度参与了中国能源发展五年规划以及很多其他重大政策的制定过程。孙博士还曾担任中国石油集团经济技术研究院《国内外油气行业发 报告》以及第一部《中国能源统计数据报告》的主编。他拥有 30 多年油气行业从业经验,在油气生产、交易和管道建设领域积累了丰富的实践经验。曾历任中国石油集团国际合作局合同条法处处长,中国石油勘探开发公司副总经理,中石油尼罗河公司总裁,大尼罗河联合作业公司总裁及联合作业委员会主席,达尔联合石油作业公司总裁,赛宁贸易公司董事长。孙贤胜博士还曾担任中国石油阿塞拜疆公司和中国石油乌兹别克斯坦公司的董事长,以及中国哈萨克斯坦石油管道公司的首席谈判官。另外,作为中国政府的代表,曾参加与欧佩克的对话,并在多项中石油原油和非常规天然气产量分成合同的制定和修改过程中担任首席协调官。孙博士还曾任《国际石油经济》编委会主任、理事会理事长,《石油商报》社董事长。

Gerard Moutet

Chairman, Oil & Gas Climate Initiative 油气行业气候倡议组织(OGCI)执行委员会主席

Gerard Moutet has 30 year experience in the Oil & Gas industry, within the TOTAL Group. He had various positions, mainly in the Exploration and Production branch, including geosciences, development, new business and general management. He has been working in France, Argentine, Norway, United Arab Emirate, and Egypt. Since 2006 he specialized in climate and energy related subjects, being today vice-president climate-energy for TOTAL.

He is also strongly involved in the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative work and development, and has been elected chairman of the OGCI Executive Committee.

Gerard Moutet在石油和天然气行业及道达尔集团有30年的工作经验。在法国,阿根廷,挪威,阿联酋和埃及,他先后在不同的工作岗位上任职,主要负责勘探与生产业务,其中包括地球科学,业务发展,新业务和综合管理。自2006年以来,他专业从事气候与能源相关的工作,目前担任道达尔气候能源副总裁。


He Jijiang

Director of Policy Research Office, Energy Internet Research Institute, Tsinghua University 清华大学能源互联网创新研究院政策发展研究室主任

He Jijiang, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Director of Policy Research Office, Energy Internet Research Institute,Tsinghua University。vice-chairman of Chinese electric vehicle charging technology and industry alliance, Deputy Secretary of General Energy Internet Professional Committee ,China Energy Research Association. His research interests includes low-carbon policy, energy Internet, low-carbon city, technology transfer. He has been responsible for and participated in more than ten scientific research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Bureau on climate change and energy policy. He was one of the major participants to write the document for “internet+ energy” and " energy Internet Demonstration Project" released by the National Energy Board.

何继江,副研究员,博士,清华大学能源互联网创新研究院政策发展研究室主任。中国电动汽车充电技术与产业联盟副理事长、中国能源研究会能源互联网专委会副秘书长。主要从事低碳政策、能源互联网、低碳城市、技术转移等方面的研究工作。先后负责和参加国家科技部、国家发改委、国家能源局关于应对气候变化和能源政策的十余项科研项目。 《关于推进“互联网+”智慧能源发展的指导意见》文件起草工作组成员、《国家能源局关于组织实施“互联网+”智慧能源(能源互联网)示范项目的通知》文件起草组专家。

David Hobbs

Head of Research at KAPSARC 阿卜杜拉国王石油研究和研究中心(KAPSARC)的研究主管

David Hobbs is the Head of Research at KAPSARC. Prior to joining the Center, he was Chief Energy Strategist and, before that, Head of Research at what is now IHS Markit.

He is an expert in energy industry structure and strategies, and author of several studies and analyses on important energy issues ranging from the oil value chain and the problem of assessing oil and gas reserves to the impact of natural gas supplies on energy markets and technology and the effect on job creation and economic growth of energy industry investment activities. He has advised on several projects on topics including the Canadian oil sands, clean energy, and national energy strategies.

David is an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary, participating in the Global Energy Executive MBA program at the Haskayne School of Business. Overall, he has more than three decades of experience in the global energy business and has directed projects in Asia, South America, North America, and the North Sea, as well as led major international investment and asset commercialization programs. He holds a degree in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College.

David目前担任阿卜杜拉国王石油研究和研究中心(KAPSARC)的研究主管。加入研究中心之前,他曾担任IHS Markit (原IHS CERA)的首席能源分析师。



Dai Baohua

President of Economics and Development Research Institute (EDRI), Sinopec Group 中国石化经济技术研究院院长

Mr. DAI Baohua is President of Economics and Development Research Institute (EDRI), Sinopec Group. He serves concurrently as Deputy Director General of Development & Planning Department, Sinopec Corp. Mr. Dai is a professor level senior engineer.

Prior to joining EDRI, Mr. Dai had worked for Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company (ZRCC), a subsidiary of Sinopec, since 1984. In ZRCC, Mr. Dai committed himself to the scientific research and development, successfully led quite a few research projects, and won multiple awards including Sinopec Science and Technology Progress Award, National Science and Technology Progress Award, and State Technological Invention Award.

Decades of practical experience of technical research and management endows Mr. Dai with deep insights into China’s refining and petrochemical industry as well as original perspectives on the industry development and company strategies. Mr. Dai is now in charge of research related to Sinopec’s medium and long-term strategy and development planning.


Maggie Jia

Vice President, Cheniere Energy Singapore

Maggie Jia joined Cheniere Singapore since March 2015 and previously she has spent more than 10 years in LNG industry based both in London and Singapore.

She started her LNG career by joining Mitsui London in June 2004 as a LNG trader and was later on in charge of European market downstream business development. In September 2010 Maggie Jia joined Morgan Stanley gas and power team based in London as a LNG trader and was reallocated to Singapore to expand LNG business in Asia Pacific region. Due to the regulatory constrains to expand physical business in the banking sector, Maggie Jia, together with the whole LNG team moved to one of the largest commodity trading firm Glencore to set up LNG business in September 2013.

Maggie Jia graduated from Dalian foreign Language institute and received Master Degree in International Business from University of London, Birkbeck.




Li Feilong

Executive Director, Executive Vice President and CFO of COSL 中海油服执行董事、执行副总裁、首席财务官

Mr. Li Feilong, born in 1964, Chinese, Executive Director, Executive Vice President and CFO of COSL. He graduated from China University of Petroleum in 1986 with a Bachelor Degree in Management Engineering, and joined CNOOC in the same year. From 1986 to 1992, he served as an economist and senior analyst in the Planning Department of CNOOC. From 1993 to 1997, he served as audit manager and audit department chief in the Audit Department. From February to September 1998, he received staff training from a petroleum company of the United States. From 1999 to 2001, Mr. Li served as head of the Finance Team of IPO Office and the Finance Manager of Hong Kong Office of CNOOC Ltd. From 2001 to 2003, he served as Assistant Controller of Finance management of CNOOC Ltd. and has been Controller since 2004. He has also been the director of CNOOC Southeast Asia Ltd., a subsidiary of CNOOC Limited and the director of CNOOC Insurance Company, a subsidiary of CNOOC. From 2007 to November 2011, Mr. Li was a member of Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council by the Trustees of the Financial Accounting Foundation. From 2010 to June 2016, Mr. Li was a member of the International Financial Reporting Standards Interpretations Committee by the Trustees of International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation. Mr. Li was appointed as the Executive Vice President and CFO of the Company on 16 September 2010 and Executive Director of the Company on 22 December 2010.


Wang Zhen

Deputy Director-General, CNPC Policy Research Office 中国石油天然气集团公司政策研究室副主任

Professor of China University of Petroleum at Beijing and a Ph.D. in Finance from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. Dr. WANG now is Deputy Director-General of CNPC Policy Research Office. Dr. WANG was a Fulbright Visiting Research Scholar at Darden Graduate School of Business, UVA and the Chief Expert of one Key Project of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research at the Chinese Ministry of Education. As a leading expert in the energy issues, Dr. Wang was invited to speak at global energy conferences and is the recipient of the 9th Global Finance Conference best paper award, Peking University best doctoral dissertation award and China National Energy Administration Research Award. Dr. Wang published more than 80 academic papers and 30 articles in the Chinese mainstream news.


Bai Changbo

Vice President, BP China 副总裁,BP中国

As Vice President of BP China, Changbo manages government affairs and works closely with business partners to develop BP businesses inside and outside China. He also looks at China’s social and economic policies, especially those related to energy, and manages CSR programs to ensure alignment and synergies between BP businesses and China’s priorities. Besides BP, Changbo worked at Coca-Cola Greater China for 3 years as its Vice President, responsible for public affairs and communications. In his earlier career, Changbo worked for China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Chinese Permanent Mission to the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi of Kenya. He also practiced law as a lawyer for few years in Canada.

白长波先生1989年毕业于北京大学,获法学学士和硕士学位。1989-1995年他就职于中国环境保护部,从事环境领域的国际合作工作。1995年-1998年在中国常驻联合国环境规划署代表处任二等秘书。他于1999年- 2002年就读加拿大英属哥伦比亚大学法学院,获法学博士学位,之后在加拿大温哥华从事律师工作。2006年–2011年在BP中国就职,任副总裁,负责BP中国对外事务及企业沟通。2011年- 2014年就职可口可乐大中华区,任副总裁,负责公共事务与传讯。2014年年底重新加入BP中国,任负责政府和合作伙伴事务的副总裁。

Dr Xu Qinhua

Professor of School of International Studies, Director of Centre for International Energy and Environment Strategy Studies, Ren Min University 中国人民大学国际关系学院教授、博导,国际能源战略研究中心主任

Dr Qinhua XU, professor of School of International Studies, Director of Centre for International Energy and Environment Strategy Studies. Her current research interests are mainly focus on energy policy in China and China’s foreign energy strategy. She is active in the energy sector and is entrusted with a number of advisory posts in the China government agencies and international bodies. She is the study leader of dozens of ministerial and provincial, international energy projects. Dr Xu is the founder of China International Energy Cooperation Forum and the author of 12 books such as China International Energy Strategy (2014), Energy Diplomacy (2012), China Energy Policy in National and International Perspectives: A Study Fore-and-Aft 18th National Congress (2014) and New Geopolitics: Central Asia Energy and China, The Comparative Studies on Clean Energy Development in Low Carbon Economy Era (2013) and more than 60 papers, the editor of China International Energy Cooperation Report (Annual).

许勤华,中国人民大学国际关系学院教授、博导,国际能源战略研究中心主任,俄罗斯东欧中亚研究所副所长,国家发展与战略研究院研究员。研究方向为国际能源战略、中国能源政策,欧亚地区安全。主要著作有《中国国际能源战略研究》、《能源外交概况》、《China Energy Policy in National and International Perspectives: A Study Fore-and-Aft 18th National Congress》、《China’s Energy Policy from National and International Perspectives: Energy Revolution and One Belt One Road Initiative》、《低碳时代发展清洁能源国际合作比较研究》、《新地缘政治:中亚能源与中国》、《中国能源国际合作系列报告》等。

Kevin Tu

China Programme Manager, International Energy Agency 国际能源署中国合作部主任

Kevin Jianjun Tu is the China Program Manager at Paris-based International Energy Agency, where he leads the Agency's effort to engage China in international energy governance and a non-resident research fellow at the Canadian Industrial Energy End-use Data and Analysis Centre.

Prior to joining the IEA, Mr. Tu was Director of China Energy and Climate Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC. Between 2004 and 2011, he served as Senior Energy and Environmental Consultant for M.K. Jaccard and Associates, a premier energy and climate consulting firm in Vancouver. Before moving from China to Canada, Tu was the Director of Marine Operations at Shenzhen Sino-Benny, China’s largest LPG importer and distributor. Previous to that, he worked first as Technical Supervisor and then Project Manager for Sinopec, a Chinese national petroleum company.

Tu is an experienced policy adviser and project manager who specializes in operations strategy and policy analysis of coal, oil, gas, and power sectors as well as in sustainable resource and environmental management. He has extensive connections with China’s energy industry, government, academia and environmental NGOs.


在加入国际能源署前,涂建军曾任卡内基国际和平基金会中国能源与气候项目主任暨资深研究员。2004到2011年期间,他是加拿大温哥华知名能源与气候政策咨询公司M.K. Jaccard and Associates的合伙人暨资深顾问。之前他还曾经担任中国最大液化气进口及销售公司华安液化石油气的海上作业主任,以及中国石化的项目经理及技术员。


Bob Fryklund

Vice President – Upstream Energy, IHS Markit Mr. Fryklund is vice president and chief strategist for the Upstream Energy Group at IHS Markit.

Jianqing Li 李建青

President, CNPC ETRI 中石油经研院院长

Majored in petroleum geology and graduated from the Northwest University, bachelor degree, professorate senior engineer. Now, acting as the President and Deputy Party Secretary of CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute. Previous job duties include the Deputy Team Leader of the Northern District United Team, Deputy Director of Exploration Room, Deputy Director of Basin Evaluation Room, General Geologist, President, Deputy Party Secretary of the Exploration and Development Research Institute of Qinghai Petroleum Administration; General Geologist, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC, Deputy Director General of Qinghai Petroleum Administration, and the Vice President, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Company, Director General, Deputy Party Secretary of Qinghai Petroleum Administration, Party Secretary, Vice President of PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Company, Vice President and member of CPC Committee of the Exploration and Development Research Institute as well as the President and Party Secretary of Northwest Branch Institute, General Manager, Deputy Party Secretary of PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Company, Chairman and General Manager of Dagang Oilfield Group Co., Ltd.

李建青先生,西北大学石油地质学专业毕业,大学本科,教授级高级工程师。现任经济技术研究院院长、党委副书记。历任青海石油管理局勘探开发研究院北区联队副队长、勘探室副主任、盆地评价室副主任、总地质师、院长、党委副书记;青海石油管理局总地质 师、党委常委、副局长,青海油田分公司副总经理、党委副书记、纪委书记;青海石油管理局局长、党委副书记;青海油田分公司党委书记、副总经理;勘探开发研究院副院长、党委委员兼西北分院院长、党委书记;任大港油田分公司总经理、党委副书记、大港油田集团有限责任公司董事长、总经理。

FENG Yujun

Professor, Institute of International Studies, Fudan University

Professor FENG Yujun is a well-known expert in Russian affairs. Before joining Fudan University, he served as the Director of Russian Studies at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations. He has served in a number of think tanks related Sino-Russia affairs, including as the Deputy Secretary General of the Institute of Sino-Russian History. Professor Feng has also been an Advisor to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and published widely. Earlier in his academic and research career, he spent time at Vladimir State Pedagogical University and the University of Moscow as a visiting scholar.

冯玉军,复旦大学国际问题研究院教授,博士生导师。曾任中国现代国际关系研究院俄罗斯研究所所长、研究员、博士生导师、院学术委员。中国中俄关系史研究会副秘书长,中国俄罗斯东欧中亚学会、中 国上海合作组织研究中心、中俄友协常务理事。中国国际问题研究基金会、北京大学、外交学院、山东大学、四川大学特约研究员。先后毕业于河北大学、吉林大学、外交学院,分别获历史学学士、历史学硕士、法学博士学位。2000 年-2001 年,俄罗斯弗拉基米尔国立师范大学访问学者。2005 年-2006 年,莫斯科大学访问学者。2010 年 -2011 年,日本北海道大学斯拉夫研究中心客座研究员。 主要从事俄罗斯—欧亚问题、上海合作组织、大国关系、国际能源安全与外交、中国周边安全以及俄罗斯国际关系理论研究。撰写有大量有关上述问题的研究报告和学术论文,多次承担国家级及省部级课题项目研究。主要著作有:《俄罗斯外交决策机制》、《俄罗斯国家安全决策机制》、《俄罗斯发展前景与中俄关系走向》、《俄罗斯外交思想库》、《俄罗斯中亚油气政治与中国》、《上海合作组织:新安全观与新机制》、《百年中俄关系》等。主要译作有:《俄罗斯战略:总统的议事日程》、《当代俄罗斯国际关系学》等。曾在国内外知名学术刊物发表论文百多篇。 经常性接受中国中央电视台、凤凰卫视、中央人民广播电台、中国国际广播电台以及 BBC、NHK 等国际知名媒体采访。

ZHANG Pinxian

Doctor, Senior Economist with Professorship and Vice President, Planning Department at CNPC

Zhang Pinxian earned a PhD degree in Petroleum Engineering at the China University of Petroleum, Beijing. He has been working on international oil/gas cooperation and project planning for many years, and acting as the Manager for 124 projects such as in CNCPI E&P, CNPC AMG and CNPC Sudan. Now as the Leader of the Planning Department, he is in charge of strategic planning management, overseas investment management and project economic evaluation. He is also the Director of the Advisory Committee for Petroleum Statistics and the Deputy Director of Advisory Committee for Petroleum Economics under the Chinese Petroleum Society.

毕业于石油大学(北京),获工学博士学位。长期从事国际油气合作和规划计划管理工作。曾参与集团公司海外油气合作的开拓和业务管理工作,先后在中国石油海外勘探开发公司、中油阿克纠宾油气公司、中石油苏丹 124 项目等担任领导工作。目前在规划计划部负责战略规划管理、海外投资管理和项目经济评价管理等工作,兼任中国石油学会石油统计专业委员会主任、石油学会石油经济专业委员会副主任。

Yuqing Zhang 张玉清

Former Deputy Administrator, National Energy Administration 原国家能源局副局长

Started work in December 1975 and joined the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) in April 1977, majored in Petroleum Geology and graduated from the Department of Exploration of East China Petroleum Institute in January 1982, having the University degree, Bachelor of Engineering.

As of December 1982, worked in the Planning Department of the State Energy Resources Commission.

As of May 1982, worked in the Bureau of Energy of the State Economic Commission.

As of June 1988, worked in the State Development Planning Commission (SDPC) and had been acted as the Deputy Director of the Petroleum Division of National Energy Administration and Director of the Oil and Coal Department of the Infrastructure Industry Development Division.

As of July 2003, worked in the National Development and Reform Commission and taking up the post of Director of Oil and Gas Division of the National Energy Administration, and taking up the post of Director of the National Petroleum Reserve Office (ranked same to Deputy Director General) as of December 2005, and taking up the post of Deputy Director General of the National Energy Administration and hold the concurrent post of the Director of National Petroleum Reserve Office as of November 2007.

As of August 2008, worked in the National Energy Administration and taking up the post of Department Chief of the Oil and Gas Department (National Petroleum Reserve Office).

As of July 2012, taking up the post of Deputy Director General and Party Member of the National Energy Administration.

As of April 2013, taking up the post of Deputy Director General and Party Member of the restricted National Energy Administration.


1982 年 2 月到国家能源委员会计划局工作。

1982 年 5 月到国家经委能源局工作

1988 年 6 月到国家计委工作,曾任交通能源司石油处副处长,基础产业发展司石油煤炭处处长。

2003 年 7 月到国家发改委工作,任能源局石油天然气处处长, 2005 年 12 月任国家石油储备办公室主任(副局长级),2007 年 11 月任能源局副局长兼国家石油储备办公室主任。 2008 年 8 月到国家能源局工作,任石油天然气司(国家石油储备办公室)司长。

2012 年 7 月任国家能源局副局长、党组成员。

2013 年 4 月任重新组建后国家能源局副局长、党组成员。

Zhijun Jin 金之钧

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sinopec Deputy Chief Geologist and President of Sinopec Petroleum E&P Institute 中国科学院院士、中国石化副总地质师、石油勘探开发研究院院长

Jin Zhijun is an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is at present Managing Deputy Chief Geologist of Sinopec and Director of Sinopec Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute. He has broad-ranging expertise in petroleum geology and technology evaluation for petroleum exploration. From earlier days of his career, Dr. Jin had been engaged in mechanism of hydrocarbon accumulation and methodology of petroleum resource assessment. He also worked on the preservation, distribution of oil and gas in marine carbonate sequence of Chinese sedimentary basins and choosing the favorable zones. More recently, he has been focusing on unconventional oil and gas exploration and development. Dr. Jin was among the first in China who recognized the value of unconventional petroleum resources and introduced the progress of shale oil exploration and development in the United States into China. He has involved deeply in improving the understanding of shale gas systems in tectonically multicyclic basins in southern China. This effort has led to the Sinopec's Fuling discovery, the first giant shale gas that has been commercially developed outside of North America. He was also one of the pioneers in the research of lacustrine shale oil resources. Now he is the Director of China State Energy Center for Shale Oil Research and Development.


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