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IHS Automotive Conference – Shanghai IHS Automotive秋季大会 — 上海

Oct 21, 2014
Shanghai, China

参加IHS Automotive秋季大会系列,我们将通过对经济、销售、生产和动力系统等各项前景进行深入分析,探讨汽车行业面临的重要问题。Join us for our Fall conference as we take an in-depth look at the automotive industry.

IHS presented the IHS Automotive Conference in Shanghai, China on October 21, 2014.

全球汽车行业的前景依然乐观,但市场增长源变得更加不确定。虽然欧洲和北美的经济得到持续复苏,但仍比较有限,而新兴市场的发展则更加不稳定。此外,包括泰国、土耳其和乌克兰在内的重要汽车市场都出现了国家政治和社会局势动荡。在当前经济和政治气候下,汽车行业的风险依然较高,确定最佳的增长机会及了解最重要的趋势将变得至关重要。参加IHS Automotive秋季大会系列,我们将通过对经济、销售、生产和动力系统等各项前景进行深入分析,探讨汽车行业面临的重要问题。

The outlook for the global automotive industry remains optimistic, but sources of market growth have become more uncertain. The economic recoveries in Europe and North America continue, but only modestly, and emerging market development is more volatile. In addition, social and political unrest has grown in many important automotive markets including Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine. In this economic and political climate, risks remain high for the automotive industry, and identifying the best growth opportunities and understanding the most important trends will be critical.

Join IHS Automotive for our Fall Conference Series as we discuss the important issues facing the industry through deep analysis of our outlook for economics, sales, production and powertrains.

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