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IHS Automotive Conference – 서울 | Seoul

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Oct 25, 2016
Seoul, South Korea

오는 10월 25일 에 IHS Automotive 컨퍼런스가 개최됩니다.

Join us on October 25 as we present our latest outlook for the world's automotive markets.

Tim Armstrong

Vice President, Forecast Planning, Automotive, IHS Markit Mr. Tim Armstrong is vice president of Forecast Planning for Automotive at IHS Markit.

Henner Lehne

Senior Director – Global Vehicle Forecasting, Automotive, IHS Markit Mr. Henner Lehne is senior director of Global Vehicle Forecasting for the Automotive Group at IHS Markit.

Mark Fulthorpe

Director – Global Light Vehicle Production Forecast, IHS Markit Mr. Mark Fulthorpe, a director for the Automotive Group at IHSMarkit, heads the Global Light Vehicle Production Forecast.

Ian Park

Senior Analyst in Korea Light Vehicle Production

Ian Park, a South Korea based Senior Production Analyst in IHS Automotive. His primary role is to forecast vehicle production and analyze the future product plans and actions of OEMs in Korea.


선임연구원 / 한국 Light Vehicle생산예측

Andy Bae

Senior Analyst, Korea Light Vehicle Sales Forecasting, IHS Automotive Mr. Andy Bae is Senior Analyst of Korea Light Vehicle Sales Forecasting within the IHS Automotive group.

Peter Huang

Director, Asia Pacific, Powertrain Forecast, IHS Markit Automotive

IHS Markitオートモーティブ アジア太平洋パワートレイン担当ディレクター。上海オフィス在籍。アジア太平洋地域におけるエンジンやトランスミッション・プログラムの生産、組立工場、プログラム立ち上げ時期や生産量、導入などの予測を行う。過去7年間にわたってチームを率いており、パワートレイン技術ロードマップ、燃料消費や排出ガス、新エネルギー車展開など、多くのOEMやティア1企業を対象とした調査を実施している。IHS入社以前にはBoschとBEHRで10年以上の勤務経験を持つ。

Peter is a Director covering APAC for the Powertrain Forecast, based in Shanghai. These provide production for engine and transmission programs, their assembly plants, their program launch timing and production volumes, plus installation across APAC region. In the past 7 years, Peter has led his team to provide kinds of research including powertrain technology roadmap, fuel consumption and emission, and new energy vehicle development for tens of OEMS and Tier1. Before joining IHS, Peter had worked in Bosch and BEHR for more than 10 years.

Jeremy Carlson

Principal Analyst-Autonomous Driving, Automotive, IHS Markit Mr. Jeremy Carlson is a principal analyst and manager who leads autonomous driving for the automotive industry team at IHS Markit.

Shou Osako (大迫商羽)

東アジア ダイレクター、 IHSオートモーティブ・アドバイザリーサービス | Director, East Asia, IHS Automotive Advisory Services

Shou has significant experience as a component analyst and advisor within the Asian automotive markets. He utilizes this experience to communicate the best analysis and strategies to navigate the Asian automotive markets.

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