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2016北京车展系列活动之IHS汽车市场解析 | IHS Automotive Executive Briefing in conjunction with the 2016 Beijing Auto Show

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Apr 26, 2016
北京 | Beijing

参加IHS Automotive高管圆桌会议,获取汽车行业最新见解,从而帮助您做出正确决策、优化您的商业交易,并为您提供与我们主题专家和其他业内高管进行交流的机会。通过真实情景和案例研究,了解当前虚拟实际相关的交付成果。
Attend the IHS Automotive Executive Round Table to arm yourself with the latest industrial insights to make the right decisions, optimize your business deals and network with our subject matter experts and other like-minded senior executives from the industry. Understand the current myths vs. actual deliverables with real-life scenarios and case studies.

聚集国际化 “赢”领未来




中国将成为世界上最大的汽车市场,而与此同时,中国也面临着激烈的竞争和环境污染危机的挑战,这些问题迫 汽车行业亟待重组。新能源汽车会成为更热的词汇,而互联网与汽车的关系也将进一步明晰。


Focusing on Internationalization, Winning & Leading the Future

2016 China - U.S. Automotive Industry Summit

“Worldwide automotive sales are likely to inch closer to the 90-million-unit mark in 2016,”according to the latest forecast by IHS Automotive.

Incremental volume growth in the US and Europe is forecast to be solid but less spectacular, while on the other side of the balance sheet, further downside from Russia, South America and some big ASEAN car markets will be less of a drag on global volumes as their impact lessens, having already suffered severe market contractions in 2015. How will this impact OEMs and suppliers in China?

As China is poised to be the largest automotive market in the world, it is at the same time challenged with intensified competition and on the other hand, environmental pollution crisis which are forcing the industry to restructure. Beside market outlook, other focal points for 2016 are on the advancements in vehicle technology and innovation including engine and powertrain developments, and also the opportunities presented in autonomous driving and connected mobility space. For the Thirteenth Five-year Plan, the China new-energy car market needs to realize a sales volume of 5 million cars. In the face of uncertainties caused by new regulations that restrict car purchase in urban areas and other driving constraints, how will the market fare?

This event is complimentary; due to limited space, we will assess registrants’ details and inform you duly in writing a week prior event date if your registration is successful.

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