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2015 Taiwan Smart Display Conference | 2015台灣智能顯示研討會

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Nov 24, 2015
Taipei, Taiwan

Better Display, Advanced Materials, Great Devices
智能的顯示, 先進的材料, 智慧的裝置

The functions of the devices have been evolving from simplicity to integration. Our lives have been changing dynamically through the convenience, interactivity and strong power of the smart devices. We can see the internet TV replacing traditional TV, smart TV replacing HDTV, 4Kx2K replacing HD, High Color Gamut replacing standard broadcasting color on the screen. From keyboard to touch, from smart phone to automotive display , from wearable devices to the flexible display, from content consumption to contents creations, from handheld devices to smart car, the smart devices are becoming the most important electronics.

當單一性變成複合功能,透過各項的智慧終端裝置便利性、即時性、互動性讓生活型態產生巨大的轉變。互聯網視頻已經成為電視的另一個代名詞,智慧電視服務無所不在,不用強迫大家看同樣的內容,電視面板則持續朝大尺寸, 4Kx2K高解析度, 智能互動, 曲面以及高色彩飽和度等規格前進, 車載顯示器則不斷的智慧化。而觸控產品的熱賣帶動出驚人的消費力道,從智慧型手機到車載顯示器,現代人隨身攜帶的智能終端產品更趨多元,甚至穿戴式顯示器以及Flexible Display也即將掀起一波新浪潮。這些都是目前發生在我們所謂智能產業的大趨勢。

The evolving technologies and the smarter devices requirements are encouraging the industries to focus the resources but in the meantime to integrate the capabilities in order to seize the great chance of this enormous market. These companies are including panel makers, component makers, smart devices makers, new display technology developers. Meanwhile, every smart device needs a “face” to the human thus we see the display still being the crucial part of the smart display.

持續不斷躍進的技術、多元的發展,智慧手機、智慧手錶、智慧電視,車用顯示器各式各樣的終端裝置愈來愈聰明,也愈來愈便利。面對這一個龐大的市場,專注是延伸的基本,整合資源是必須,如何在眾多智能產品中嶄露頭角,最後回歸到消費者想要的生活是什麼,答案正讓許多產業界人士不斷的探索。同時智能的裝置需要更先進的材料來達成, 這也讓許多材料零組件供應商、新興顯示器技術開發廠商不斷投入; 換言之,所有的智能裝置都需要一張臉來面對使用者,因此顯示器仍將是最重要的存在。

It is an irresistible trend that the smart device change human lives every day, furthermore, it change the way we run our business and the way we develop the technology and devices. How do you think about the larger size, higher pixel density smart TV? How do you think about the new display technology? How do you think about the new smart wearable devices? Let’s explore the answer together in the 2015 IHS Smart Device Conference which will be held on November 24th, 2015 in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC). We posited the agenda as “Better Display, Advanced Materials and Great Devices” to invite the whole smart devices supply chain companies as the speakers to share their perspectives. IHS DisplaySearch analysts will analyze the smart device market and technology from every aspect. This is the great conference you cannot miss!


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