Sub-Saharan Africa

The low oil prices context that started in mid-2014 still has an impact the E&P activity in the Sub-Saharan region. The deep offshore exploration has significantly decreased in West Africa, only few wells were drilled with the last one was drilled by Exxon in Liberia.

Total, Shell and Eni are still evaluating their oil and gas discoveries in the offshore pre-salt play in Gabon and Congo. However, despite the challenging financial situation some big field development projects are continuing in West Africa for example. The Moho Bilondo North development project in Congo.

In Nigeria, exploration and field development projects were stalled in 2016 due to delays in the long-awaited Petroleum Industry Bill. Uncertain fiscal terms remain a major problem in agreeing deal terms for major projects. Majors will continue in 2016 to divest from onshore and shallow water assets in favour of indigenous companies. IOCs will still dominate more technical-challenging and capital-intensive projects in deep waters.

In East Africa, few exploration wells were drilled in 2016. A significant progress was made on the challenging development of the onshore oil discoveries in Uganda and Kenya and the offshore gas discoveries in Tanzania and Mozambique. Uganda has given Total, CNOOC and Tullow the long awaited approval for the development plan for oil discoveries made in the Albertine Graben and Mozambique is to approve the FID for the development of the Coral South project leaded by Eni.

Sub-Saharan Africa
Regional Highlights

Sub-Saharan Africa Editorial Achievements – 2016

Based in Geneva, the IHS Africa team comprises 15 members speaking nine different languages dedicated to the coverage of the increasing activity in the continent. The team uses its well established network on the ground including NOCs and IOCs to improve our reports and data quality.

East Africa (Uganda, Kenya Mozambique and Tanzania) are expected close to the oil and gas production phase. Our experts publish up to date and insight information about Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Madagascar especially the changing timeline of the development projects and the information about bid rounds.

In 2016, the editorial staff and researchers attended more than 10 conferences and workshops made more than 10 presentations to help you understand the Africa E&P sector.

Two articles, papers and posters were presented in conferences or published by Oil and Gas magazines.

Database Enhancements – 2016

  • Basins Monitors – Natal Trough, Anza, Outeniqua Kwanza and Morondava Basin Monitors totally reviewed
  • Giant Fields – Completed 8 Giant (2P EUR >=500MMboe) Field Reviews which included a full revision of remarks, reserves, development, production volumes and IOR/EOR techniques
  • Gabon – Entered 33 and updated 77 historical wells (2010-2015) with dates, TD’s and coordinates
  • Madagascar – Updated 61 wells with improved datum information
  • Angola – Updated 25 licences with production block name to ensure consistency with field names enabling easier extraction of production data by blocks

For information relating to data improvements in 2015, download our Saharan Africa Data Enhancements 2015 Summary

Regional Team
Mohamed Zine

Mohamed Zine

African Regional Director

Mohamed Zine is our Director for the Africa team which comprises of 16 individuals with more than 150 collective year’s industry experience and fluency in seven languages. Mohamed is based in our Geneva office and can be contacted via email.

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