Saharan Africa

The low oil price and unrest have slowed down the exploration and development activity in several countries and reduced the activity of the IOCs and NOCs. Exploration activity declined in Algeria and almost stopped in Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, South Sudan and Chad. Egypt E&P activity was boosted by Zohr discovery and the Government’s plan to speed all the development projects in Nile Delta. However, Egypt is facing challenges linked to the increasing domestic demand and government’s subsidies for petroleum products, which leaded to a failure to pay the IOCs for their produced gas.

Exploration activity in Northwest Africa offshore in 2016 has led to more discoveries in Senegal (oil and gas) and Mauritania (gas).

Saharan Africa
Regional Highlights

Saharan Africa Editorial Achievements – 2016

Based in Geneva, the IHS Africa team comprises 16 members speaking nine different languages dedicated to the coverage of the increasing activity in the continent. The team uses its well established network on the ground including NOCs and IOCs to improve our reports and data quality.

Editorial staff and researchers attended more than 10 conferences and workshops and made more than 10 presentations to help our customers understand the Africa E&P sector.

Two articles, papers and posters were presented in conferences or published by oil and gas magazines.

Database Enhancements - 2016

  • Algeria – Entered 41 new exploratory wells and updated 74 exploratory wells with data including tops, tests and results
  • Egypt – Entered 214 new development wells and updated 81 development wells
  • Egypt – Datum and coordinates review in Datum in Abu El Gharadiq and Badr El Din fields resulted in updates to 79 wells
  • Algeria – 37 wells updated in the Sbaa Sub-Basin (Timimoun Basin) with detailed test data
  • Saharan Africa – 882 valid blocks (244 open areas and 638 contract blocks) in 18 countries had their total and split areas recalculated and updated. At the same time the blocks basins and political provinces were also re-calculated and updated if needed
  • Chad, Egypt, South Sudan, Sudan – 14 blocks had their outline updated following an update of the country boundaries
  • Libya – 45 contracts and blocks had their political province attribute corrected and a project reviewing all Libya contracts is currently ongoing
  • Egypt – Entered 6 new contracts, awarded as result of the EGPC International 2016 Bid Round, within 4 days of the official announcement
  • Egypt, Sudan – 16 lithostratigraphic units were either updated or newly created in the Saudi Arabian part of the Red Sea Basin

For information relating to data improvements in 2015, download our Saharan Africa Data Enhancements 2015 Summary

Regional Team
Mohamed Zine

Mohamed Zine

African Regional Director

Mohamed Zine is our Director for the Africa team which comprises of 16 individuals with more than 150 collective year’s industry experience and fluency in seven languages. Mohamed is based in our Geneva office and can be contacted via email.

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