Northeast Asia

Northeast Asia comprises China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, North Korea and Mongolia, with upstream activities predominantly taking place in China. Chinese activities are dominated by domestic players. However, international majors continue to make their mark, and smaller specialized international companies like Roc Oil and SK have success in their niche. Discoveries continue to be made in the mature onshore basins, while deepwater offers a largely untested frontier.

North East Asia
Regional Highlights

Northeast Asia Editorial Achievements – 2016

The Northeast Asia team is based in Singapore. We have two basin researchers, one field researcher, a senior cartographer and our regional manager, all with more than 20 years’ experience working in the oil and gas industry in the region we also have well and contract analysts based in our Kuala Lumpur office.

2016 Bidding Blocks, South China Sea

The team covers China, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea and Taiwan. The data for this region mainly covers current upstream E&P activities, including seismic survey and wells operation, and field data and basins geology. It also contains general country news, company news, bidding round and downstream information as well. In 2016, the team continued efforts on enhancing data quality improvements, including field complete reviews, field production, basin, well and contract block enhancements.

GEPS China – Entered 18 bidding blocks as part of the CNOOC Bidding Round 2016, with briefing description on geological situation and exploration risks. This provided insightful information to clients for their assessment. Also reported approximately 100 key NFW/Exploration wells.

Database Enhancements – 2016

  • Basin Monitors – One basin in Japan (Kanto Basin) and 7 basins in China (Erlian Basin, Jianghan Basin, Nanxiang Basin, Ordos Basin, Pearl River Mouth Basin, Santanghu Basin, Tarim Basin) were completely reviewed. Five basin Monitors were partially updated (Hailar, Junggar, Inggenn, Santanghu and East Gobi)
  • Giant Fields – Completed 4 Giant (2P EUR >=500MMboe) Field Reviews which included a full revision of remarks, reserves, development, production volumes and IOR/EOR techniques (Daniudi, Jiaoshiba, Renqiu and Anyue)
  • China – Updated field production to 2015 of approximately 700 oil and 250 gas fields
  • China – Entered a total of 160 new wells
  • China – Updated 409 well locations
  • China – Updated 186 wells with correct block or fields to ensure consistency with other data modules
  • China – Updated 273 wells with either status change, discovery well (new field created), content updates or class updates to ensure modular consistency in Ordos, Songliao and Sichuan Basin
  • China – Entered 4 new contracts, awarded as result of the Xinjiang Bidding Round 2015
  • China – Updated more than 680 contracts with official data relating to award, renewal, area change and relinquishments in Tarim, East China Sea, Jianghan, Erlian, Nanxiang, Qin Shui, South Yellow Sea, South Huabei and Bohai basins
  • China – Updated 212 blocks with new precise calculated area together with reported areas for offshore contracts.
  • Mongolia – Updated 7 contracts with official data including commitments, participants and dates

For information relating to data improvements in 2015, download our Northeast Asia Data Enhancements 2015 Summary

Regional Team
Xinhua Huang

Xinhua Huang

Regional Director

Xinhua Huang is the Regional Director for the North East Asia Region and has more than 35 years industry experience. Based in our Singapore office, Xinhua can be contacted via email.

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