International Energy Quality Resource Center


6C's of Quality

Our unique, structured and rigorous quality program is fundamental to our people and our operations, and is continually driving further data improvements according to our customers' needs.

Five of these C's apply to our critical information:

Correctness: We strive to produce information, analytical, research and consulting products, and solutions resulting in accurate results relative to external points of reference.
Currency: Our delivery of temporally relevant content that matches your requirements.
Completeness: We provide all the required information, analytical output, research, and consulting.
Consistency: Our content is uniform over time and geography as well as across all products and solutions.
Convenience: Our delivery of IHS Markit products and solutions make it easy for you to consume our information and insight.

Rigorous quality checks are embedded throughout all stages of data transformation and across all 5C domains (Completeness, Consistency, Correctness, Currency and Convenience) from initial authenticity checks made by our experienced regional experts to matching with our existing data and ensuring timely information is made available as soon as possible following announcement.

More than 930 SQL scripts are built into the E&P database which run automatically as information is entered and ensure consistency across data modules.

Validation reports are run weekly on new records entered or updated to ensure missing attributes, inconsistencies and errors are identified and resolved prior to release. Spatial validations checking geodetic parameters and datum definition, entity dimensions and areas, locations and distances, overlaps and gaps and consistency with other modules are an integral element of the workflow.

Alongside these procedures we are continually improving existing data through numerous quality projects and Quality Goals at both a global and regional level.

Country Data Profiles

Country Data Profiles (CDP's) comprise information in support of and relating to the quality and coverage of our data in a given country. CDP's contain detailed information that describes the quality of our International E&P, Basin and Midstream data currently available via EDIN.

The reports include a Summary Data Audit and Estimated Coverage table together with sections on Subjective Data Quality, Contracts and Blocks Quality, reserves, Production, Basin Monitor Coverage, Midstream Coverage, Political Provinces, Units and Special Characteristics, Coordinate Systems and Well Nomenclature.

To request a Country Data Profile, please Email us.