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Analyze infrastructure to bring your product to market. Critical information is provided on key links in the oil and gas chain, from the wellhead to primary end-users, including pipelines, storage, LNG, refineries, power generation, primary petrochemicals, large industrials and gas distribution data.

  • Pipeline coverage, gas plants, storage, ports and terminals (North America) are some of the key areas we focused on during this year
  • We continued to expand our coverage of milestones and we now have more than 35,000 available worldwide
  • The database now includes more than 89,000 facilities and approximately 3.5 million km of pipelines (International and North America)
  • We updated around 40,00 facilities and 270,000 kilometres of pipeline since the beginning of the year
Data Enhancements - 2017

Key Enhancements - 2017 (June)

Pipelines Worldwide

  • More than 40,000 km of pipelines were added and 246,000 km were updated since January 2017

Pipelines WorldwidePipelines added (in yellow) and updated (in green) since January 2017

Storage Facilities Worldwide

  • Added approximately 500 storage facilities worldwide with special focus on the Liquid storage and the Americas.

Storage Facilities WorldwideStorage facilities entered (in green) since January 2017

Gas Plants Worldwide

  • Added more than 165 gas plants worldwide with special focus on North America. The update is driven by the growing NGL/LPG market.

Gas Plants WorldwideGas Plants added (in red) in North America since January 2017

Data Enhancements - 2016

Pipelines Worldwide

  • Approximately 103,000 Km of pipelines were added and 555,000 km updated Worldwide

PipelinesPipelines added (in yellow) and updated (in green)

Pipelines Mexico

  • Complete review of Pipeline Network in Mexico. Approximately 13,000 Km of pipelines were added and 35,000 Km were updated to improve the Completeness and the Currency of the Mexican network

PipelinesPipelinesPipelines before and after in Mexico (East)

Pipelines China

  • Major review on China network. More than 25,000 Km of pipelines were added and 67,000 Km were updated to improve the quality of our database

PipelinesPipelines entered in China (in yellow)

Worldwide Storage

  • More than 460 Oil & Gas storage facilities were added and 1,700 were updated to improve our coverage and data completeness. Major additions were done in US, Mexico and China

Worldwide StorageOil & Gas storage facilities entered (in green)

Database Growth and Update - 2016

Pipelines entered and updated 2016Pipelines entered and updated 2016

Facilities entered and updated 2016Facilities entered and updated 2016

For information relating to midstream data improvements in 2015, download our Midstream Data Enhancements 2015 Summary

Quality Goals
Download International Energy Quality Goals ReportTo find out more about progress on all our active Quality Goals and a list of previously completed goals please refer to our most recent International Energy Quarterly Review. This also includes information relating to other recently completed Quality Projects.

Download International Energy Quality Goals report

ADM Glossary

View ADM Gloassary ADM is fast and easy to use, the perfect vehicle for data analysis. The ADM allows you to view IHS data and proprietary data in the EDIN application.

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