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Engineering Workbench has shifted to more frequent release cycles to accelerate the delivery of new features and enhancements to our customers. This What’s New section highlights new features as they are released, providing you with up-to-date information about the ongoing development of Engineering Workbench. As major releases are delivered to our customers, cumulative Release Notes documents will be posted below and this section will be refreshed with new information. Users can always obtain the most current information on features and functionality using the online documentation within Engineering Workbench.

September 2017

  • My Subscription Information. You can use My Subscription Information, under Settings, to view the contents of your subscription in Engineering Workbench. As before, when you click on a PCN (Product Code Number) in your subscription list, Engineering Workbench will show you a list of the documents included in that PCN. Now, however, Engineering Workbench preserve your current selections under Refine Source Selections but will ensure that Codes & Standards and Books are also selected as sources. 
    • For example, if you had used Refine Source Selection to limit your searches to just IHS Sources and Articles & Journals, but then used My Subscription Information to review the contents of a subscription PCN, you would not find that Codes & Standards and Books would also be checked under Refine Source Selection. If you want to return to searching only in IHS Sources and Articles & Journals, use Refine Source Selection to de-select Codes & Standards and Books. 
  • Manage Shared Data. This enhancement impacts only Account Administrators with the Data Ownership Management role. Manage Shared Data has been renamed Manage User Data. An Admin with the Data Ownership Management role can now filter the list of users to include only users who have been active within a specified number of weeks. The user list includes both the user's name and email address, and email addresses are searchable. In addition, the list of manageable data now includes Projects, Watch Lists, Bookmarks, and Queries & Alerts, and also includes items that a user has not shared. This functionality allows an Admin to reassign ownership of selected data (one or more Projects or Watch Lists, for example) or all of a user's data to another user. This would be useful, for instance, in the event that a user changes responsibility and leaves a particular project team, and the Admin would like to transfer the data associated with that project to a new user who is joining that team.

  • New user dialog box. A new "popover" dialog box is now used for actions such as saving a search result to a Project, bookmarking a document, and adding a document to a Watch List. The popover appears immediately below the appropriate icon when the user clicks on the icon. Popovers are used in search result lists and elsewhere in Engineering Workbench, such as in the Document Summary or in the Documents Viewer. Examples follow.
    • Save Search Result

    • Bookmark document:

    • Add document to a Watch List:

  • View Additional User Information. Account Administrators can view additional information about a user on the "Manage Administrators" page (for Account Administrators only):

  • Browser Compatibility. Upon logging in, users will be warned if their current browser is not supported by Engineering Workbench: