Drug Pricing Erosion

Improve your go-to-market strategies, negotiation tactics, and pricing strategies to gain the competitive edge

Effective pricing strategies will make or break the success of a company’s portfolio.

Market fluctuations, competitor pressures, pricing negotiations, and reimbursement challenges can impact profitability and hurt a company’s chances to gain and maintain market share.

Drug Price Erosion: Safeguarding Pharmaceutical Assets Against Value Attrition analyzes and compares price structures (i.e., minimum and maximum price, as well as percentage of medicines priced by percentile) across countries and therapeutic classes with the goal of determining drug price structure evolution over the years.

Based on the unparalleled breadth and depth of our pharmaceutical pricing data and supplemented by extensive secondary research, this multi-client study will help you set pricing strategies that anticipate price erosion to optimize profits over the lifecycle of your drug.

Answering your key questions

  • How fast do prices erode within and across countries and therapeutic classes?
  • How fast do prices erode within and across drug classes (e.g., biosimilars, etc.)?
  • What are the drivers and influencers of price erosion?
  • How do P&R mechanisms and indication extension impact price erosion?
  • What is the impact of the global economic downturn on price erosion?
  • What are the implications of price erosion on launch price?

Available as a stand-alone study or combined with our International Reference Pricing: A Strategic Guidebook to the New Global Pharmaceutical Pricing Paradigm multi-client study and analytical package.

Download the study brochure (PDF, 333 KB).

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