Demand for video surveillance equipment is likely to continue growing rapidly in 2017. However, price competition will remain intense and competition will not make it easy for vendors to grow revenues and margins.

So, what will be the big stories in 2017? Cybersecurity, deep learning analytics, security drones, and the diversification of Chinese video surveillance equipment manufacturers are just some of the trends discussed in our seventh annual white paper on trends for the year ahead. The predictions on the following are to provide some guidance on opportunities in the video surveillance industry. We hope you find them useful in planning for 2017:

  • Video Surveillance Cybersecurity: The industry getting to grips with scale of the threat
  • Deep learning revolution
  • Chinese vendors continue to diversify
  • Body worn cameras: Shift to live streaming
  • Droning On: Security drones set to take-off
  • HD CCTV demand: High in some countries but not in China
  • Safe Cities: The building block of smarter cities
  • The evolution of VMS user interfaces

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What are the top video surveillance trends for 2017?

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