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Luxury Automaker

Luxury Automaker Improves Communication with Dealers and Boosts Sales

Join Chris Royle, Director of Product Management with IHS Automotive, to hear how one of the world’s largest luxury auto manufacturers enhanced communications with its dealer network by providing timely and consistent information that helped those dealers sell hundreds of units of vehicles and generate tens of millions of dollars.


Interview: Chris Royle, Director, Product Management, IHS Automotive

IHS Customer Recognition (CR): What are the strategic business goals of this organization?

Royle: For this organization, a luxury car manufacturer, one of the largest in the world, they were looking to improve the communication with their dealer network; simplify processes; and ensure consistency. This would allow them to sell more vehicles because ultimately their success is dependent upon the success of their dealer network.

CR: What information challenges does this organization face to achieve its goals?

Royle: For this customer, the information challenges are very much around consistency of information and timeliness of information. It’s very important to them that the information is always calculated consistently and can be aggregated and dis-aggregated very accurately; and also that the information is available to the user community as quickly as possible. This allows them to make rapid business decisions and move incentive spending and advertising dollars where they need to be to create the right impact. Prior to the implementation of this solution, the customer’s data was spread through many different systems and many different types of reports. A field preparing for a meeting with the dealer would spend hours gathering information from multiple systems, and then have to slice that information down to what was relevant for the one individual dealer. That leaves very little time for the user actually to prepare walking through the story with the dealer on what is going on in the marketplace and what steps can be taken to improve sales.

CR: How are they working with IHS to address those challenges?

Royle: The solution that’s in place has brought together the IHS information and a state-of-the-art interface, along with our automotive expertise in designing the solution to enable business users to very quickly get to the information that’s important and work on the story with the dealer and take concrete actions to improve their sales in the marketplace. The customers worked with IHS to design a state-of-the-art interface that’s designed to be touch-compatible from the ground up, allowing users to work on any device that they choose, and being protected against devices in the future. And then it really takes all that information and leverages the expertise of the organization to make an information-dense design that presents a lot of information to the users in a very small space, allowing them to interpret many, many different metrics and key performance indicators at a single glance and understand the relationships between them.

CR: What results has the organization achieved by working with IHS?

Royle: Partnering with IHS, the first result that the customers achieved is the preparation time for dealer meetings has been reduced drastically. It’s down from four or five hours for each dealer meeting to under an hour. That eliminates slicing-and-dicing of information, pulling information from different systems, and having to pull all that information together. And it allows the users now to focus on the story and the business conversation that needs to be had with the dealer, rather than just pulling the information. Another significant result the customer has driven from working with IHS is driving additional volume sales. The solution allows a dealer to come into the tool and create a marketing list to address weaknesses in their marketplace. We measure those results on the back-end and report that out through the tool. We’ve seen hundreds of units of vehicles sold through the tool, and that’s generated tens of millions of dollars’ worth of revenue for this luxury manufacturer. One of the key results we’ve seen is that for critical information, it’s available four-to-six weeks sooner for the dealers and for the users who need the information. This enables them to make business decisions on more recent information and take action to address concerns in the marketplace much more quickly. Business sponsors in this space call it a real game-changer for them.

One of the key results we’ve seen is that for critical information, it’s available four-to-six weeks sooner for the dealers… Business sponsors in this space call it a real game-changer.

Chris Royle
Director, Product Management, IHS Automotive

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