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A complete reference source for students, graduates and academic professionals who need efficient and current access to British Standards, legislation and other guidance information related to the construction, health and safety, engineering, process and electronics industries.

Products Included

The Construction Information Service (CIS) supports every stage in the construction lifecycle – from concept and preparation, through design and construction, to operation and ongoing use.

  • CIS is an expert knowledge tool that delivers key technical information critical to all construction projects in one easy-to-use, web based package.
  • Developed by IHS and the National Building Specification (NBS), it provides instant full-text access to a huge range of key construction related information - current building regulations, construction standards, technical advice and a vast array of related news and briefings.
  • CIS provides a single point of reference for every construction information need, giving access to a full suite of key construction technical information and insight.
  • CIS is a vital tool for architects, engineers, consultants and anyone involved in the construction and building industry to complete projects accurately, on time , every time.

Occupational Health & Safety Information Service (OHSIS) offers health, safety and environmental management professionals reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date online access to industry and government information from key publishing organisations covering legislation, guidance, standards and best practices.

Full Specify-it provides:

  • Instant access to full-text, catalogues, data sheets selector guides and brochures from an exhaustive range of Manufacturers and Suppliers in the UK, and allows you to download them directly to your desktop.
  • Speed of delivery and relevance that outperforms general search engines.
  • Access to over 850,000 full-text catalogue pages, BBA Certificates PLUS 30,000 CAD drawings delivered by FastrackCAD.
  • Weekly updates ensuring that you have the most up to date product information at your fingertips.
  • Searching via Company, Trade name , product type or via detailed product classifications.

Engineer-it provides:

  • Catalogues, data sheets, handbooks and reference materials for engineering projects in the UK. It provides a fully searchable online database designed specifically for industry professionals who need immediate access to engineering components, materials, equipment & services. The service allows users to search for and identify products and suppliers to meet exact project requirements. • Access to over 6,500 manufacturers & suppliers in the UK and overseas, Engineer-it minimizes time spent searching for items, allowing users to devote more time to product design.
  • Access to over 85,000 full-text catalogues, data sheets, handbooks, reference manuals, selector guides and brochures from more than 15,000 UK sources.
  • Access to over 1.8 million pages of full text, full colour documents.
  • Accurate supplier information with a powerful search engine giving speed of delivery and relevance that outperforms general search engines.
  • Weekly updated data.
  • Detailed contact information from a set of comprehensive suppliers’ information.

IHS ESDU provides a comprehensive resource that design engineers rely on to understand, analyze and solve complex problems. Available methods are a compilation of over 70 years of engineering knowledge and best practices validated by subject matter experts drawn from industry, government and academia. IHS ESDU covers a wide range of design topics including aircraft performance, composite design, structural analysis, heat exchanger design, fluid mechanics and more.

IHS ESDU provides engineering insight based on the collective knowledge of hundreds of engineers from around the world. It is actively managed and updated regularly to keep abreast of the latest science and practices to deliver the most advanced resources.

  • Achieve Greater Design Accuracy – ensure your design calculations are accurate with comprehensive, in-depth information. IHS ESDU is the ideal complement to other design tools such as finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics programs as well as in-house practices, codes and industry standards.
  • Optimize Designs – IHS ESDU provides an in-depth discussion of the relevant design parameters and the tools to research alternative configurations to optimize design.
  • Improve Collaboration – IHS ESDU methods and data enable cooperation on joint development projects without compromising proprietary methods and resources.
  • Reduce Rework or Redesign – because IHS ESDU methods are validated, calculations will accurately predict performance with less rework or reliance on costly prototypes.
  • Meet Project Budgets and Schedules - IHS ESDU helps engineers effectively solve complex problems to shorten the initial design and development phases and reduce research costs.
Publishing Partners

With access to over 600 publishing organisations, IHS info4 portals provide users with the most current and comprehensive documentation from leading industry publishers. IHS is committed to ensuring the right content is available to our users, which is why we secure partner agreements with key industry organisations.

Our key partners include:

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