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In 2012, IHS, the leading global source of information and analytics, acquired BDW Automotive GmbH, a leader in the development of information and planning systems as well as intelligent processing of vehicle databases for the automotive industry. Along with the acquisition of R. L. Polk in 2013, IHS Automotive now offers the most comprehensive view of the automotive industry available anywhere in the world today. Our solutions provide expertise and predictive insight across the entire automotive value chain from product inception—across design and production—to the sales and marketing efforts used to maximize potential in the marketplace. No other source provides a more complete picture of the automotive industry.

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  • SARA: A dealer mapping and planning tool with sales and service potential, driving behavior of buyers, and detailed competition analyses with advanced mapping
  • SARAnet: A web-based data analysis and visualization tool for new and used vehicle registrations and vehicles-in-operation

Nov 29

IHS Auto analyst says automakers aren't going crazy with incentives this year to artificially stoke sales

Nov 28

By 2035, the premium for autonomous cars will be about $3K over the car’s sticker price, reports IHS Automotive

Nov 27

European car market grew 2.9% in October; IHS analyst says too early to tell if VW has been impacted by CO2 scandal

Nov 26

Great time of year to get deal on a new car; dealerships willing to take advantage of Black Friday as a sales event

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Nov 18

Same-Day Analysis: EU passenger car growth rate softens in October

Passenger car demand growth in the European Union (EU) has softened during October. According to the latest data published by the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA), registrations stood at 1,104,868 units this month, an increase of 2.9% year on year (y/y). However, earlier gains in the market were well in evidence..more