Enterprise Sustainability Management Research Report

An independent industry analyst explains why industry leaders are adopting a new information management strategy that transforms sustainability into a driver for operational excellence.

Sustainability is now a business imperative. Your company must protect its license to operate by ensuring compliance with proliferating government regulations and industry standards. Equally important, you must also cope with increased pressure from investors and customers, who demand greater transparency into your performance across a growing number of sustainability issues including environmental, health and safety, operational risks, product stewardship and more.

Traditionally, organizations tried to manage these challenges with tactical, localized solutions. Individual business units developed their own databases and workflows, supported by siloed information systems. But industry leaders now recognize that this piecemeal approach is unsustainable.

In this report, independent analyst firm LNS Research looks at a historic change in the way that industry leaders manage their sustainability information. Find out if your company might benefit by following their model and adopting a comprehensive, unified strategy for Enterprise Sustainability Management.


Who should view this report: Corporate executives, who are responsible for sustainability performance and accountability throughout the product and process lifecycle, which extends from the conception of the idea through disposal - including engineering, manufacturing operations management, supply-chain and distribution.

Read this complimentary report to learn:
  • The six core areas of Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM)
  • How an ESM approach can help your company ensure regulatory compliance while also driving efficiency and quality improvements
  • How homegrown IT and management systems are becoming roadblocks for business improvement
  • Why companies need to consider replacing disparate information systems with a holistic ESM solution that connects across functional areas
  • How to empower your employees to drive sustainability performance improvements

LNS Research Report: Enterprise Sustainability Management

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