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The global automotive industry is seeing unprecedented change from numerous market factors. With a volatile global economy, demands from consumers and governments to improve fuel consumption, and the implementation of ground-breaking vehicle technologies, the industry is on the forefront of change.

It takes years to bring a product to market and with billions of dollars at stake both before and after the original sales, every decision matters. That's why auto makers and suppliers alike, rely on IHS Automotive to develop a consistent global strategy for revenue and margin expansion, fine-tune their operations, optimize sales networks, and ensure their plans are relevant in the future.

IHS Automotive provides the most comprehensive content and deepest expertise and insight on the automotive industry available anywhere in the world today. With the addition of Polk, IHS Automotive now provides expertise and predictive insight across the entire automotive value chain from product inception - across design and production - to the sales and marketing efforts used to maximize potential in the marketplace.

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