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As the smartphone becomes the hub for digital living, companies are being forced to adapt to the fast pace of innovation in mobile media, hardware and M2M communications.

IHS provides comprehensive market data and research so businesses respond to the strategies and business models of the leading mobile and telecoms players. We can help you understand how value chains are evolving and the role of the many different players—including device OEMs, intellectual property holders, network operators and media companies.


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  1. Telecommunications Industry Market Research and Analysis

    Telecommunications Stay agile in the mobile environment. As the smartphone becomes the hub for individuals' digital lives, more and more companies are forced to adapt and innovate in the fast-paced mobile-market.IHS provides

  2. Industry & Specialty Standards, Codes & Specifications

    Industry & Specialty Standards Collections Find specialized standards collections sorted by subject matter Industry & Specialty Standards Collections span multiple standards developing organizations and provide just t

  3. Telecommunications Standards, Codes and Specifications

    Telecommunication Standards Build interoperability across multiple networks The Telecommunication Standards collection contains technical data from US & European standards developing organizations (SDOs) that drive the de

  4. Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA) Standards

    Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA) Promote and ensure cable reliability and quality The Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA) writes cable standards for the electric power, control and telecommunications indu

  5. TechAmerica Standards

    TechAmerica Simplify technological innovation and design TechAmerica publishes technology standards to improve business processes such as configuration management, systems engineering, systems safety and earned value. TechAme

  6. Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Standards

    Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Improve telecommunications product design, procedures and implementation The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards apply to a wide variety of telecommunications

  7. International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Standards

    International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Align telecommunication product performance with international expectations The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nations agency for information and communic

  8. Standards Expert for Engineering Standards and Documents

    IHS Standards Expert Streamline standards research and management enterprise wide. Is your design team using conflicting or outdated standards? Do you need a centralized, updated library?IHS Standards Expert is an online tool

  9. Advanced Research, Problem Solving & Analytics

    Advanced Research, Problem Solving & Analytics Accelerate productivity and innovation of your engineering team What if you could give your engineers back 1/3 of their time – speeding research, problem solving and ideation

  10. Advisory Services for Predicting Business Dynamics

    Predicting Business Dynamics Maximize sales and return on investments Want to expand your company’s footprint?Our consultants build upon the foundation of the Economics & Country Risk products to address your specific mar

  11. Executive Strategy Council - Economic Advisory Services

    Executive Strategy Council Stay ahead of risks Need to assess the impact of an international, economic or political event? Prepare an emergency response?This premier, interactive economic advisory service assembles senior cor

  12. IHS Engineering360 Media Solutions

    IHS Engineering360 Media Solutions Engage with the world’s largest online interactive Engineering Community Are you looking to reach an engineering audience? Do you need an effective multichannel digital media solution to mee

  13. Sovereign Risk Service – Credit Risk Analysis & Ratings

    Sovereign Risk Service Assess and compare sovereign risk How do you manage your exposure to sovereign risk?The Sovereign Risk Service is the only service to cover both short- and medium-term risks for 206 countries worldwide.

  14. Country Risk Consulting

    Country Risk Consulting Convert risk into opportunity We provide tailored solutions to help you manage country risk. To evaluate your external context, forecast key risks to profitability, establish risk systems, and conduct

  15. ASTM International Standards

    ASTM International Obtain technical, procedural and operational documentation spanning multiple industries ASTM International standards are applied globally to products as varied as petroleum and consumer goods. ASTM standard

  16. Foresight Security Planning

    Foresight Security Planning Resolve information overload Do you need to make strategic decisions regarding personnel and asset security? Evaluate future business resilience?Get streamed intelligence, dynamic forecasts, advanc

  17. Foresight Location Analytics

    Foresight Location Analytics Geo-stream risk intelligence and perform real-time analytics on your exposures When it comes to risk, can you afford to guess?Upload enterprise data to evaluate location-specific risks to your bus

  18. Foresight Political Risk

    Foresight Political Risk Embed risk in decision making Does information overload prevent you from incorporating risk into your business decisions?Get streamed intelligence and dynamic forecasts on political instability, contr

  19. Every Point on the Planet - Global Risk Ratings

    Every Point on the Planet Calculate global risk exposure How granular is your risk intelligence?This service provides precise, one-year risk scores for war, terrorism, civil unrest and political violence for every 500m2 point

  20. US Economics Solution Suite

    US Economics Solution Suite Unlock US markets, manage uncertainty and drive advantage To deliver sustainable growth, companies need to operate in industries and markets with attractive rates of return and attain a position of

  21. Advanced Analytics Solutions for Big Data Insights

    IHS Advanced Analytics Solutions Extract actionable, valuable insight from complex data Insights derived from the explosion of “Big Data” are transforming business - from driving more effective marketing and reducing supply c

  22. Advanced Economic Modeling Solutions

    Advanced Economic Modeling Identify untapped growth and capitalize on change Balancing top-down and bottom-up business processes is a constant challenge. A ‘bottom-up’ approach encourages innovation and responsiveness. A ‘top

  23. Global Risk Service - Investment Risk Analysis & Ratings

    Global Risk Service Access investment risk ratings tailored to your industry and business model How do you quantify investment and project risk?This service provides transparent risk scores across 151 countries for 54 risk fa

  24. Economics Data, Analysis and Forecasting

    IHS Economics Plan accurately for long-term growth. IHS Economics provides comprehensive and consistent data, analysis, and forecasts for more than 200 countries. Leverage award-winning forecasts, over 150 full-time economist

  25. Country Risk Data, Analysis and Forecasting - Economics

    IHS Country Risk Integrate risk into effective decisions. IHS Economics & Country Risk provides end-to-end coverage of political, violent, sovereign, banking and investment risk worldwide. Access over 50 full time analyst

  26. Economic and Country Risk Analysis by Industry

    Global Industry Analysis Evaluate industry opportunities and risks. IHS Economics & Country Risk provides comprehensive data, analysis, and forecasts on industry performance worldwide. Access standardized, comparable cove

  27. Displays Industry Market Research and Trend Analysis

    Displays Capitalize on emerging and future technologies. With the shift into a display-centric society, flat-panel display technology is now not only commonplace in the home, office and entertainment venues, but also in autom

  28. Materials and Cost Benchmarking Industry Market Research

    Materials & Cost Benchmarking Gain a competitive edge Consumers want more for less, but how can you make that happen? Understanding the cost and materials used to create the latest technologies helps you gain a completive

  29. Media Industry Market Research and Trend Analysis

    Media Negotiate today’s dynamic media landscape The rise of digital technologies has impacted the consumption of advertising, cinema, games, music, television, and video. Media companies—both hardware and content developers—h

  30. Semiconductors and Components Industry Market Research

    Semiconductors & Components Align your product mix with the marketplace. The top 25 chip-makers annually amass revenue amounting to 71 percent of the total $300+ billion semiconductor industry. As the world becomes ever m

  31. Advertise in IHS Maritime Magazines

    Advertise in IHS Maritime Magazines Maximize your marketing efforts by reaching your customers through a range of media opportunities From magazines, email news services, directories and websites to bespoke publications, IHS

  32. Business Market Insights

    Business Market Insights Predict where your business will thrive in the United States Could you better size and target markets? More effectively allocate resources?This robust database provides business employment and output

  33. Global Economic Data - Economic Indicator Database

    Global Economic Data Unlock opportunities across 200+ countries Do you need global economic data to invest confidently?Tap into the world’s largest commercially available global economic database covering 200+ countries. Each

  34. Global Strategy Solution Suite

    Global Strategy Solution Suite Unlock global markets, manage uncertainty and drive advantage To deliver sustainable growth, companies must operate in industries and markets with attractive rates of return and attain a competi

  35. Standards Expert with Goldfire

    IHS Standards Expert with Goldfire Expand your standards research Do you require technical data beyond standards? Seeking greater insight into standards applications?IHS Standards Expert with Goldfire delivers standards infor

  36. Goldfire Product Design Content Partners

    IHS Goldfire: Partner Content Use technical knowledge to drive innovation Looking to minimize research duplication? Prevent decisions made without proper information?IHS Goldfire enables organizations to access and leverage p

  37. Goldfire Product Design Tools for the Technology Industry

    IHS Goldfire: Technology Envision next-generation solutions Are you able to accelerate problem solving, idea generation? Need to improve operational efficiencies, product and process quality?IHS Goldfire platform helps safegu

  38. Electronic Standards, Codes and Specifications

    Electronic Standards Integrate accredited performance requirements into design. The Electronic Standards collection contains pertinent standards and regulations for the electronics industry. IHS assembles data from multiple s

  39. Wiring Standards, Codes and Specifications

    Wiring Standards Collection Deliver reliable wiring solutions The wiring standards catalog contains guidelines and directives that encompass all aspects of electric and telecommunication connectivity. Through specific require

  40. Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Standards

    Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Ensure proper development, manufacturing, distribution and installation of consumer electronics The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) publishes standards and technical specification

  41. Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI) Standards

    Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI) Ensure compliance and drive market penetration CEI, Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) is responsible for standardization and unification in the elec

  42. European Committee for Standardization (CEN) Standards

    European Committee for Standardization (CEN) Ensure product and service consistency and compatibility throughout the EU Gain entry to the European marketplace with standards and technical specifications written by the Europea

  43. Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Standards

    Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Develop compatible products and services for the Canadian market The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) creates the standards used throughout the country by industry, the governmen

  44. InfoComm International Audiovisual (AV) Standards

    InfoComm International® Provide high levels of quality and accuracy for audio/visual presentations InfoComm International standards address issues of compatibility, copyright and related topics for audio and visual technology

  45. Joint Technical Architecture (JTA) Standards

    Joint Technical Architecture (JTA) Conform to military expectations for interoperability Joint Technical Architecture (JTA) standards govern information technology, including the Internet, to achieve military interoperability

  46. Standards New Zealand (SNZ) Standards

    Standards New Zealand (SNZ) Simplify in-country business and manufacturing operations Standards New Zealand (SNZ) documents direct multiple business operations. These standards are developed in concert with Australia, driving

  47. National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Standards

    National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Exceed Canadian market and government requirements for construction excellence The National Research Council (NRC) creates a wide variety of standards used in Canada. This collection

  48. Standards Developing Organizations (SDO)

    Standards Developing Organizations Ensure product quality, reliability and compatibility IHS provides technical standards, codes, specifications and related documents from hundreds of Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs)

  49. Global Link Model – Scenario Analysis and Modeling

    Global Link Model Anticipate the impact of change on the drivers of your performance Do you incorporate scenarios in your planning process? The IHS Global Link Model is the most comprehensive global macroeconomic model commer

  50. IntraSource for Standards, Codes and Specs

    IntraSource Tighten data security and privacy with ease Residing behind your firewall, IHS IntraSource delivers subscription collections—millions of technical standards documents--along with your internal documents, in a safe

  51. CEPT Standards

    CEPT Standards Comply with European electronic communications regulatory requirements The Conference of European Postal and Telecommunications Administration (CEPT) publishes documents that contain information on requirements

  52. IHS Engineering360

    IHS Engineering360 IHS Engineering360 is the world’s largest online destination for engineers, delivering critical content, information, insight, tools and community for engineers and technical professionals across multiple i

Cross Industry Trend

What does cellular technology have to do with a heart attack?

Governments and health care providers worldwide are curbing costs via remote patient monitoring and “telehealth” solutions. This (plus the growth of wearable devices) fuels the use of cellular M2M technology. But concerns over power consumption and cost will largely limit uptake to monitoring critical healthcare conditions and transferring patient data across multiple locations.

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