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Supply Management

In today’s complex markets, where budgets are tight, supply risk is real and prices move quickly, companies need insight to proactively navigate markets, mitigate risk and ensure optimal inventory.

IHS Supply Management solutions can help you reduce costs through more strategic and informed purchasing decisions. Get insight into critical input costs, long-term availability, supply disruption risks and market demand dynamics. Our analyst team delivers objective, defensible analysis that leverages 40+ years of supply management experience, in-depth industry and economic expertise, proven methodologies and vast proprietary databases—including 500,000+ historic prices and 4,000+ forecasts, costs, and wages.

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Feb 27

Calculation of Transformer parameters

I have a single phase 10 kVA 20kV/110V 50 Hz transformer. primary resistor = 5000 ohms , primary inductance = 10000 H, secondary resistor = 0.2 ohms , secondary inductance = 10 H, Exciting Current 0.5%. I need to compute PU leakage reactance X12 (or PU Impedance Zpu??), PU Copper Losses and PU No-L

Feb 27

Electrically Reversible Magnetism

By designing a particular non-metal, the scientists were able to achieve a multiferroic state where magnetism can be manipulated with an electric field. This is a step toward improving the storage and retrieval of information on hard drives and other magnetic memory devices. ------- Editor's Not

Feb 27

A Killer Commute

What is your favorite part of your commute? Is it that you have to wake up 30 – 45 minutes earlier so you can sit in a car? Is it the traffic? The wear-and-tear on your car? Is it the ride home when you’re tired and hungry? The average employee has a 26-minute commute, which is five min

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