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With rapidly changing demographic and socioeconomic trends along with the rise of e-commerce, retailers need help understanding what shapes global consumer spending.

IHS gives you complete coverage of the global retail and consumer landscape to help you develop and adapt your business and marketing strategy with confidence. Leveraging our expert analysis of demographic, socioeconomic and technology trends along with long-term forecasts of income distribution and consumer spend, you can anticipate the market, understand consumer buying patterns, and identify opportunities for growth and profitability.

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  1. Country Risk Consulting

    Country Risk Consulting Convert risk into opportunity We provide tailored solutions to help you manage country risk. To evaluate your external...

  2. Foresight Security Planning

    Foresight Security Planning Resolve information overload Do you need to make strategic decisions regarding personnel and asset security? Evaluate...

  3. Foresight Location Analytics

    Foresight Location Analytics Geo-stream risk intelligence and perform real-time analytics on your exposures When it comes to risk, can you afford...

  4. Foresight Political Risk

    Foresight Political Risk Embed risk in decision making Does information overload prevent you from incorporating risk into your business decisions?Get...

  5. US Economics Solution Suite

    US Economics Solution Suite Unlock US markets, manage uncertainty and drive advantage To deliver sustainable growth, companies need to operate...

  6. Advanced Economic Modeling Solutions

    Advanced Economic Modeling Identify untapped growth and capitalize on change Balancing top-down and bottom-up business processes is a constant...

  7. Global Strategy Solution Suite

    Global Strategy Solution Suite Unlock global markets, manage uncertainty and drive advantage To deliver sustainable growth, companies must operate...

Current Cross-industry Trend

What does Target have in common with European credit-card issuers?

The US suffers twice as much credit-card fraud as the rest of the world but has resisted adopting chip-based technology (common in Europe), which generates unique data for each purchase, making it hard to steal or use stolen card data. Target, hit with a serious credit card breach in December 2013, is actively pursuing the technology. Major credit cards are pressing retailers to install chip-equipped terminals by October 2015.

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