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Operational Risk Management

Monitor operational risks across the enterprise.

IHS provides visibility into your risk profile, prevents losses and increases shareholder value. We help you eliminate information silos and drive risk management from the bottom up—from the operational frontlines to your executive offices—so you can rank risks and allocate resources for prevention or mitigation. Proactive and predictive, these IHS solutions drive operational excellence to help you achieve your business goals.
Operational Risk Management Solutions - Market Data, Analysis & Forecast Reports & Services | IHS

Operational Risk Management

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  1. Conflict Minerals Awareness Data and Analysis

    Conflict Minerals Awareness Minimize conflict minerals risk Since new regulations restrict the use of materials from global regions where profits are used to undermine personal safety or freedoms, tracking component sources i

  2. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Chemical Management

    Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Chemical Management Ensure workplace safety Need easy employee access to right-to-know documents? Looking for an automated solution?Leverage this software and content to manage your SDS and chemica

  3. Industrial Hygiene for Safety Health and Compliance

    Industrial Hygiene Protect your workforce Need to effectively assess worker risks? Want strategies to limit exposure?This software capability helps you safeguard the health and safety of your workforce by accurately assessing

  4. Export Compliance Data and Content (ITAR, EAR, AECA)

    IHS Export Compliance Content Services Minimize compliance and penalty risks Want to simplify ITAR processes? Need to minimize compliance and penalty risks?Export Compliance Content Services provides custom information resour

  5. Environmental and Hazmat Compliance Data and Content

    IHS Environmental Compliance Content Services Minimize administrative burdens Need to guarantee production schedules? Want a simplified parts management process?Employ IHS consultants to cleanse, confirm and verify your part

  6. Environmental and Export Regulation Compliance

    Environmental and Export Compliance Avoid costly environmental non-compliance Each country has unique environmental regulations in addition to international rules. Aggregating, analyzing and understanding the impacts can be c

  7. Conflict Minerals Regulation Software and Services

    IHS Conflict Minerals Software and Services Avoid material non-compliance Need broad insight into potential risks? Want comprehensive due diligence?The iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform (iPCMP) is a web-based, on-demand softw

  8. Safe Operations Solution for Operational Excellence

    Safe Operations Drive safety and reliability Want to reduce unplanned downtime? Need to identify emerging trends and become more predictive?The Safe Operations Solution helps you identify and manage emerging trends to reduce

  9. Asset Performance Solution for Operational Excellence

    Asset Performance Drive asset-based performance improvements. There is no question that asset productivity plays a vital role in sustaining profitability, company reputation, competitive advantage and shareholder value. Asset

  10. Risk Assessment Process Hazard Analysis PHA-Pro

    IHS PHA-Pro Enhance your process safety and reliability Want to implement PHA software? Seeking a rapid, comprehensive solution?PHA-Pro is desktop software that helps you conduct process hazard analysis, like HAZOP and What I

  11. CyberRegs Regulatory Content for EHS

    CyberRegs Regulatory Content for EHS Reduce the time and cost of regulatory research Need automated regulation tracking? Want to understand the impact of regulatory change?Find, manage and anticipate changes associated with N

  12. Risk Assessment Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

    Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Create knowledge-driven PHAs Want improved PHAs? Need a systemic approach?IHS risk assessment software, content and expertise helps you standardize your process hazard analyses across your enterp

  13. Hazardous Waste Management Tracking for EHS&S

    Hazardous Waste Management Drive transparency and efficiency Need to streamline hazardous waste management? Simplify processes and improve compliance?This software capability helps you monitor collection, storage, transportat

  14. Chemical Inventory Management for EHS&S

    Chemical Inventory Management Drive efficient chemical management Need insight into existing chemical inventory? Want enterprise wide best practices?This software capability provides efficient chemical inventory management, i

  15. Water Usage and Discharge Management & Tracking for EHS&S

    Water Usage and Discharge Reduce uncertainty Is your water usage and discharge reporting compliant? Need a streamlined management process?This software capability helps you achieve, maintain and easily prove compliance. Accom

  16. MRO Catalog Manager

    MRO Catalog Manager Create a sustainable MRO catalog Need to improve MRO material data governance? Want an enterprise-wide solution?This software is a web-based, catalog management tool for developing and maintaining standard

  17. Risk Register and Risk Management

    Risk Register Understand your risk profile Need an enterprise risk register? Want to improve enterprise-wide learning?IHS software, content and expertise helps you collect and compile organizational risks across previously di

  18. Risk Management and Risk Analytics

    Risk Analytics Gain insights to drive your safety performance Looking to improve your safety performance? Want to understand what can truly make an impact?This capability combines software, content and expertise to enable you

  19. Process Data Management for EHS&S Compliance

    Process Data Management Drive performance and streamline compliance Need data integration to process historians? Want a simplified, auditable monitoring and review process?This software capability allows you to eliminate data

  20. MRO Materials Master Catalog Optimization

    MRO Materials Master Catalog Optimization Standardize, enrich and maintain MRO item descriptions Want inventory redundancy eliminated? Need consistency throughout your catalog?This service helps you build and maintain a MRO m

  21. Refrigerant Compliance Software for EHS&S

    Refrigerant Compliance Software Improve Refrigerant Compliance Need to comply with EPA regulations? Want to simplify your recordkeeping?The Refrigerant Compliance Management (RCM) software simplifies compliance with EPA and s

  22. Refrigerant Compliance Services for EHS&S

    Refrigerant Compliance Services Avoid Non-Compliance Penalties Need to re-establish your Refrigerant Compliance initiatives? Looking for outside expertise to guide you?IHS experts provide turnkey refrigerant management suppor

  23. Chemical Container Labeling for EHS&S Product Stewardship

    Chemical Product Labeling Open new markets rapidly Want better chemical labeling management? Want to simplify compliance processes?Streamline the creation and printing of regulatory and hazard communications labels for chemic

  24. Product Compliance Analysis for EHS&S Product Stewardship

    Product Compliance Analysis Avoid costly product delays Need to understand regulatory impact? Want to make informed decisions?This software capability helps you incorporate reliable, up-to-date product compliance analysis int

  25. Content for REACH and GHS for EHS&S Product Stewardship

    Content for GHS and REACH Secure and expand market access Need to comply with REACH and GHS regulations? Need to consolidate compliance efforts?This capability delivers compliance content for the Globally Harmonized System of

  26. Emergency Operations for Safe Operations

    Emergency Operations Strengthen emergency planning Need to be better prepared for emergency operations? Want to plan and respond more effectively?This software capability helps you manage every phase of a potential emergency;

  27. Liability Claims and Case Management Software

    Liability Claims and Case Management Prevent costly errors and lost information Want to consolidate EHS&S liability claims? Need a concise tracking system?This software capability helps you record and track your EHS&S

  28. ERP, EAM and MDM Integration for MRO Data Management

    ERP, EAM and MDM Integration Maximize EAM, ERP and MDM system value Are your MRO systems fully integrated? Need cleansed and standardized data?These connectors integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise ass

  29. Training Management for EHS&S

    EHS Training Management Ensure worker safety Do you want to manage EHS training requirements more efficiently? Need to demonstrate training compliance?Our software helps streamline your company's processes for documenting pro

  30. Risk Assessment Solution for Operational Excellence

    Risk Assessment Know and show your operational risks This solution helps you prevent business disruptions and drive sustainable growth by proactively assessing operational risks. Gain greater visibility into material risks an

  31. Risk Assessment Process Hazard Analysis Bow Tie Analysis

    Bow Tie Analysis Empower your Bow Tie Analysis processes Need to augment Bow Tie Analysis? Want identifiable results?IHS risk assessment software, content and expertise help you develop a Bow Tie Risk Analysis, a qualitative

  32. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

    Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Prevent systemic failures Want to reduce risk? Need preemptive quality control?This software capability allows you to reduce design defects, product recalls and production downtime. The result is an

  33. Risk Assessment Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)

    Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) Create knowledge-driven HAZOPs Need efficient hazard analysis for process safety? Want seamless HAZOP management?Our software, content and expertise helps you improve the efficiency and ef

  34. Risk Assessment Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

    Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) Enhance process safety Want to create knowledge-drive LOPAs? Need to standardize your templates?Our software, content and expertise help you create risk assessments that can be defined and

  35. Risk Assessment Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

    Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) / Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Reduce employee accidents Need to conduct a thorough safety analysis? Want full transparency throughout your JHAs?The IHS JHA software capability drives a unified workplac

  36. Operational Excellence Software Training

    Operational Excellence Software Training Capitalize on your software investment Need to hone your skills? Looking for expert training?Training for end users, power users and administrators ensures you get the most from your s

  37. Training Process Safety Management

    Process Safety Management Training Learn to better manage operational risks Need to better manage your process safety risks? Looking for expert guidance and training?Leverage state-of-the-art resources and practical know-how

  38. Training Quality Risk Management

    Quality Risk Management Training Understand how to boost product quality levels Need to mitigate quality related risks? Looking for expert guidance and training?Identify, analyze, mitigate and monitor quality risks and hazard

  39. Energy & Carbon Management for EHS&S

    Energy & Carbon Management Optimize your operations Looking to improve energy use across your operations? Want to reduce your carbon footprint?This software capability supports effective carbon and energy management. It e

  40. Managed Regulatory Content for EHS&S Product Stewardship

    Managed Regulatory Content Exceed compliance requirements Are you able to keep up with regulatory change? What if you could automate the process?The capability delivers dynamic managed regulatory content, which underpins sust

  41. Compliance and Task Management for EHSS

    EHS Compliance and Task Management Simplify your compliance tracking Do you want to know and show you are in compliance? Need to manage tasks more efficiently?This software capability simplifies your task tracking from start

  42. Commodity Price Watch – Agriculture Market Forecasts

    Commodity Price Watch Understand the key drivers of global agricultural commodity markets. Do you have an easy and reliable method for tracking agricultural commodity prices?Delivered monthly, the Commodity Price Watch provid

  43. IHS Engineering360

    IHS Engineering360 IHS Engineering360 is the world’s largest online destination for engineers, delivering critical content, information, insight, tools and community for engineers and technical professionals across multiple i

Current Cross-industry Trend

What do operational losses have to do with regional economics?

Investor scrutiny is expanding beyond finances to include all forms of capital—manufactured, human, intellectual, social and natural—that contribute to value creation. Businesses are being asked to publicly disclose an even broader array of non-financial performance information as officials recognize that industrial accidents have the potential to adversely impact not just the corporation, but entire industries and local economies.

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