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Environment, Health & Safety

Drive performance by making sustainability integral to your business.

IHS equips you with the expertise, software and content to effectively manage environmental, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability performance. The largest companies in the world publicly report business sustainability, from water consumption and supply-chain stability to greenhouse gas emissions and safety performance. Though this data doesn’t apply directly to finances, it can give shareholders leading indicators of mid- to long-term financial performance. With our EHS solutions, you gain a disciplined approach to managing this information and can learn proven best-in-class processes to drive greater operational efficiencies.

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  1. IHS Engineering360

    IHS Engineering360 IHS Engineering360 is the world’s largest online destination for engineers, delivering critical content, information, insight, tools and community for engineers and technical professionals across multiple i

  2. Safe Operations Solution for Operational Excellence

    Safe Operations Drive safety and reliability Want to reduce unplanned downtime? Need to identify emerging trends and become more predictive?The Safe Operations Solution helps you identify and manage emerging trends to reduce

  3. CyberRegs Regulatory Content for EHS

    CyberRegs Regulatory Content for EHS Reduce the time and cost of regulatory research Need automated regulation tracking? Want to understand the impact of regulatory change?Find, manage and anticipate changes associated with N

  4. Hazardous Waste Management Tracking for EHS&S

    Hazardous Waste Management Drive transparency and efficiency Need to streamline hazardous waste management? Simplify processes and improve compliance?This software capability helps you monitor collection, storage, transportat

  5. Chemical Inventory Management for EHS&S

    Chemical Inventory Management Drive efficient chemical management Need insight into existing chemical inventory? Want enterprise wide best practices?This software capability provides efficient chemical inventory management, i

  6. Water Usage and Discharge Management & Tracking for EHS&S

    Water Usage and Discharge Reduce uncertainty Is your water usage and discharge reporting compliant? Need a streamlined management process?This software capability helps you achieve, maintain and easily prove compliance. Accom

  7. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Chemical Management

    Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Chemical Management Ensure workplace safety Need easy employee access to right-to-know documents? Looking for an automated solution?Leverage this software and content to manage your SDS and chemica

  8. Process Data Management for EHS&S Compliance

    Process Data Management Drive performance and streamline compliance Need data integration to process historians? Want a simplified, auditable monitoring and review process?This software capability allows you to eliminate data

  9. Chemical Container Labeling for EHS&S Product Stewardship

    Chemical Product Labeling Open new markets rapidly Want better chemical labeling management? Want to simplify compliance processes?Streamline the creation and printing of regulatory and hazard communications labels for chemic

  10. Industrial Hygiene for Safety Health and Compliance

    Industrial Hygiene Protect your workforce Need to effectively assess worker risks? Want strategies to limit exposure?This software capability helps you safeguard the health and safety of your workforce by accurately assessing

  11. Risk Assessment Solution for Operational Excellence

    Risk Assessment Know and show your operational risks This solution helps you prevent business disruptions and drive sustainable growth by proactively assessing operational risks. Gain greater visibility into material risks an

  12. Energy & Carbon Management for EHS&S

    Energy & Carbon Management Optimize your operations Looking to improve energy use across your operations? Want to reduce your carbon footprint?This software capability supports effective carbon and energy management. It e

  13. Managed Regulatory Content for EHS&S Product Stewardship

    Managed Regulatory Content Exceed compliance requirements Are you able to keep up with regulatory change? What if you could automate the process?The capability delivers dynamic managed regulatory content, which underpins sust

  14. Compliance and Task Management for EHSS

    EHS Compliance and Task Management Simplify your compliance tracking Do you want to know and show you are in compliance? Need to manage tasks more efficiently?This software capability simplifies your task tracking from start

Current Cross-industry Trend

What does operations safety have to do with the stock market?

Operational crises that impair a company’s ability to function, such as environmental disasters or product recalls, cause the greatest long-term effect on stock prices. The demand for nonfinancial performance and sustainability information is a business imperative—and an opportunity to forge a smarter, more competitive corporation.

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